Message for Admin about a friend's Account!

If you’re an admin, please, collaborate with this case. A friend (actual account: Night Sunrise) have some troubles trying to login. And today we discovered: A player was login into her account. There’s a way to change account without email? That’s why we need an admin’s help

I like your name :+1:


I’m too
And your face

@KilliN once helped someone with a similar case.
Are you onto it,buddy?

I’m already helping on this case too. xd

It’s almost solved.


Hey @elcent we need some help here

1: thanks, Also i’m not of those persons who don’t like his name :smiley:
2: My pic is old, very old. I’m with a face of “This ■■■■■” hah

Nothing i can really do here,

Please send sarah a PM with the information you have :slight_smile: sorry

Ok, thanks Elcent :^)