Merica best countery


Who ever say that he is better idc .I just love my Pakistan​:grin::grin:


Seriously though did a robot kidnap rc1 and take his forum account?


Why you say that? rc1 been working overtime…


Well, its that one post

“haha, very funny! But unfortunately I cannot condone those actions” (beep boop?)

I get what he is trying to say here, but the wording makes him sound like a robot lmao


U r forgetting the true supreme country!
(Soviet Union flag rises behind his back, anthem starts playing, bears are drinking vodka and riding bicycles on stage)


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Just why tho?


Crossovers nobody asked for


Alternative reality


I like how no one has noticed that I said 5 reasons why but only listed 4


Regardless of the amount of reasons, we agree with all of them


Kaiserreich über alles




Someone flagged my crossover flag :frowning: