Mercy Weapon Damage


So I Fought a guy called electricMech in the arena, and I looked at the stats on his mercy to see if it was maxed or not, but it turned out it wasn’t maxed because the colour was maroon, but it read 224-400+ damage, is it a visual glitch or a legacy weapon or something?

Sorry guys I didn’t get a screenshot in Battle, but when you look closely at the mercy you can see that the colour of it is Maroon meaning it is around lvl 40-50,


He most likely has around 9-13% or higher on the phys damage. It’s added and seen in battle, hence the higher than normal stats at any level.


oh…the arena shop…

sorry for taking so long to reply, I was fighting someone


Not a problem!


don’t forget to mark it as solved ^^ and brown is a end color, isn’t it ? (I mean it’s the last color before black…^^)


Done… :slight_smile: