Mercy night eagle control build

Litterally nobody can compete with a mercy night eagle control build…

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whats it look like :confused:

Im too lazy to screen shot but its night eagle mercy nightfall and terror cry

what is mercy good lazy just like me

Mercy is a mythical shotgun

Please take out the Terror Cry. An armor plate does much better from my experience rather than a Terror Cry.

is it good because the i will die if it close range because i have to stay in close range

Trust me, I know this build in and out. So much so that I prefer NightEagle + NightFall rather than 2x NightFalls.


Very nice mechanism … (Much destruction to do that mechanism!) xD

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looks very scary :frowning::frowning:

Nobody would like to fight against such a mechanism 2 times a day :joy:

my anti physical one
there’s a night eagle on top


Could you show your modules @Nemesis9 ? I look forward to build mech like yours :slight_smile:

They’re quite standard. . . 3 plates, 3 energy engines, and 2 heat engines.

I have 1 plat plate though, so that’s why it has pretty high hp.

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Idk why i can’t get energy engines :frowning: only have 2 now

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Broke: Nightfall + Night eagle + Mercy
Woke: Nightfall + Night Eagle + Mercy + Anihilation + tonnes of phys and heat resistence for targetting other puny physicals and heat mechs