Menu loading forever

Hey there. The game has blocked my access to the mech menu,therefore can’t do anything. However,It can still wrap me to the arena by pressing the news. I’ve tried everything for it to load (re-installing the game,using different platform) but still doesn’t work.

Happened with me once, just message the admins


Who should I message?Jake?


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They still haven’t answered me… I will try again.

Feel free to spam her dms

Welp I already sent a second message,I think I should message someone else.

Feel free to not.
That is not a good idea.
Just wait, sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes a few days.


True. I haven’t done it because I thought about it. I’ll just wait till Sarah responds.

I’m also Facing The Same Problem… The Moment I Login it Got Struck and Couldn’t Move into my Workshop or Campaign…

Well gladly,Sarah responded to me and told me that it will be fixed by Sunday. If it doesn’t get fixed for you then you can message her about it.

I have the same problem since yesterday and not solved yet. who I have to write? I’m new

Sarah ? Bloody Hell The Last Time I played the Game was A day before Yesterday…

same… it’s more than 24h down

Is now Now everything alright now coz I’m also Facing The Same Problem… How long it’ll take

@Sarah247 If you were The SM admin Please Help me … I couldn’t Login into my main for about 3-4 days and my ID is nambi002… I couldn’t move into my Campaign… Workshop… It stops right after I Close the ad

No, I’m not eager to associate myself with a lowlife organisation like sm, but yes it’ll take a while. Seriously, dont expect them to be prompt.

Actually Sarah helped me 2 days ago and Im not facing the problem anymore.

My id also recovered :slight_smile: Thanks @Sarah247