Mentor Searching

1 hp is the best upgrade.then upgrade resistance,then dmg,then drain/heat dmg and lastly the fuel.
2 im not sure about what you are saying here,but i think you mean “will any of the items that dont go up to myth be usefull?”
if you mean that, the only non myth item that might be usefull is double teleport.only drops at legendary,does no dmg,has 2 uses.other items can be used as placeholders.

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Pm me if you have specific questions mate np.

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A good weapon on your build would a Night Eagle (top weapon, physical pull grenade launcher, transform tier is Epic-Myth) ^^

Use the Iron Frenzy (heat top weapon) on a heat build if you really want to use it ^^

I can’t help you more for now, see you later with more questions ^^

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Day 3

Here again ^^

Don’t know what are you talking about :c

I’m levelling up easy with the bot. Continuing to open silver boxes and fusing all common items, waiting for a good purple drop :smiley:

For now i’m just farming, no other question today thanks to @MagicMech20 that daily answer ^^

For the next mech, i’m thinking about a heat mech, just because i’ve no electric good items ahaha

Edit: Tbh i’ve a question. There is like a table/list where i can find which items are potentially good and which not?

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In the menu screen, in the left-bottom corner above the campaign button there should be a button that says raids. Click on it, and click on the rules tab to read the rules. Then, you can select the play button to participate. It provides tokens every week.

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The forum has the maxed mythic list. I believe it’s pinned to the top of general discussions. It’s hard to figure out what stuff is best from it though.

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Raid button

I think you unlock it upon lelvel 30 or 50 tho…

Maxed Myth listing talked about by MagicMech ^^

Check it a bit and ask us later if the items that caught your eye are actually useful ^^

And I’m sure I can find the thread with the pictures of the myth items…

Edit: here it is, but the most recent items are not here ^^


Day 4

Continuing with exp and gold farming.

I’ve founded Void physical drone, this is the most important upgrade of today.

Still have shit modules.

Question of the day: Should I upgrade War Hammer to legend considering that i will change it with the backbone when i find it?

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You can use legendaries to create mythicals later; so it’s actually a good idea to transform it even though it’s not great.

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Now I add the recent items :wink:


Day 5

No consistent upgrade for today. Just the new legendary WarHammer.

Question of the day: I’m understanding that having a clan is more and more important in this game as you become stronger. So here I am, knowing that in all games is full of bad clans with inactive players and it’s difficult to find the right one, I’m here to ask if you know a good clan in which i can join. I’m not asking to be “recommended” for the best clan in the game, just an active clan in which i can grow up.

I’d say, make a post in #supermechs:clan-recruitment stating that you search a clan, and in it say your usual arena rank/etc., and normally you’ll have some leaders of Clans that would contact you if you meet their requirement ^^

It’s the fastest way to get in a clan, and for the best to avoid inactive clans ^^

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Thanks jejeje but you must recognize that I have a lot of patience too

Pd: me hiciste reir vale gracias. Saludos


@ShadowOfDeath helped to me since I meet him at Spanish chat , it’s a good teacher, has patient plus some tactics for combat lol.
unfortunately the game does not appeal to me as before and it isn’t as it used to be
BTW I recommend him too :grin:

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Day 10

Farming i’m starting to find some decent items.

That’s my inventory. Suggestion for a second mech? The one that you see is mine idea.

I am able to help, i may not be a top player but i know the most about items and through working with other good players i know how to use them
Side note: i know the maxed stats of all mythical items

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What internet browser you use ?

(just wondering, because if you use FF, screenshots are easier to post ^^)

I think it is Gyazo, I only use chrome so correct me if im wrong

Gyazo is screenshot/image hosting site, not a browser (from what I remember…)

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Oh ok XD, Srry :joy:

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