Meme Game (Just for lolz)




mine is no good


What are memes? Sorry, i dont know


lemme help u , (Goes to google images , writes Kean memes) and this shows up :joy: :joy:


i mean ok


hang on forum name or real name?
none for forum name but still got some



I want to apologize to you guys for dwight. Hes not too bright. Im sorry. He didnt understand what he was supposed to do in this thread.


For my name (no clue whst it memes or who that is…)



I can do whatever I want. You Don’t like it @Kaen !?!??! Oh well

And you don’t even know what a meme is.
You keep saying sorry maybe it’s better if you just didn’t say anything.
How about that ?


Knowing what a meme is has nothing to do with the fact that you completely disregarded what this thread was asking to do and went and created your own unfunny but accurate image with words on it instead of googling "dwight memes like OP asked. If you are looking to post images like that, feel free to create a thread about it or post it in someone else’s thread instead of putting up a false front about you being so famous that the first image that popped up when you typed in dwight memes was an image you created.

I don’t need to know what a meme is to see that you didn’t follow the rules of this thread.