Mega Boss Challenge?

I was thinking of sharing this Idea I had when I was farming BB, What if there’s this even where there’s a Boss with ENORMOUS amounts of health, Probably about over 500K-1 Mil and all the players in the community That Attacked the boss so it would be fairTry to kill it, When it dies it drops a box containing 1-2 Yellow, 3-5 Purple and 7-10 Blue, The boss however, Can deal massive damage, in the range of 300-500 Per weapon? Though there’s no Minions, No boxes and No revives, You can try again every 24 Hours… It sounds good but not flawless…


I actually like this idea…but the boss will be too OP…

That’s the point idiot

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Don’t worry…we will kill the boss together :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would be cool , if you got the award for how much damage you did in a short period of time.

Like the '‘deal as much damage’ boss b4 reloaded


500k-1 million health? Even dual valiants can’t beat that.

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What about heat/energy cap, regen/cooling, res, weapon uses mechanics?

This idea is basically what games like do.

Albeit it there’s two types of them.

One is based purely on dmg done (and whoever gets the last hit). And the other is based on who gets the last hit (simple but difficult unless you’re top tier or lucky).

They also have a respawn area where you’re put so you can run back into the fight without being one shot right away. It’s quite fun, but it’s typically done weekly/daily (for ea).

kinda like a raid boss… so lets say it has 1 mil health and wins takes down 100k of its health before he dies and legacy does 150k damage before he dies also when the bosses health shows up again it will be 750k health, they can try again but it will be limited attempts. rewards would have to be given to the players who did the most damage, but thats where the problem comes in… for me, mainly a way for more top players to get rewards while the low players get pretty much nothing



The system isn’t based on the last hit to kill it, All rewards will be the same, Same gold, Same Chances, Easy to understand right?

The boss has the Following Stats

Elec Cap: 800
Heat Cap: 900
Cooldown: 300
Energy Regen: 200

HP: 1,000,000/1,000,000

Average Dmg Output: 250-500

The only flaw with this is that the Turn system is new, The player has three turns instead of two and the boss on the other side has one, Though it’s top weapons can reach you even if you’re at the other side of the arena, The weapons of the boss are as followed

Two Mercy’s
Two Desolation
Two Corrupt or Malice I forgot on which is the elec weapon xD

The amount of damage you deal is going to be essential as the more damage you deal the more beneficial All of your rewards will be

Like this post stated, Though the boss will be reloaded only after a week, Making it more than enough time to kill it

it can actualy be perma heated…or perma drained.
Imagine a mech that packs, 2 Vandals, 2 coruptlights, and murmur drone.
300 cooling, is reduced to 194, in 2 turns, then the corupt and murmur can keep it overheated.
200 regen, is reduced to 127, in 3 turns to a dual valiant, 2 lastwords, 1 malice, with anguish drone…but then it becomes a run from the boss game.
This ideea looks very similar, to another, about clan wars, with a boss that can be fought by the whole clan…let me check to see if i find that topic.

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Okay, Let me know if you do since it’s 10:20 PM here, I’ll be editing this stuff to make it more… Balanced Even though I might end up making a mistake

Now this made me thinking, Then I thought, F#CK IT, LET’S MAKE THIS HEAT AND ELECTRIC CAP TOO OP

So… Instead of the weak sauce 900 and 800 Heat and Elec cap, Let’s make it into a true OP Impossible like thing,

Heat/Elec Cap: 200K?

Regen/Cooldown: 500

BUUUUT!!! The Drain, Damage, And Cool down damage WILL be transferred, Meaning that if you SOMEHOW Managed to make the Cap into the 100K or even at 500 it’ll stay there until the boss dies, Stupid Idea amiright?

The only weakness of the boss is really simple really, Mid range combat, Though get ready to be hit with one Malice Or Corrupt, Whichever is the Elec side weapon, That can deal 300 damage without the user’s energy fully drained

Oh and btw, All of this ideas I got when I was taking a bath, no idea why I shared that but why not

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makeing it with a too much heat cap/ energy cap, will negate the drain effect, or the overheat effect… and thus give phis users a big advantage.
Simply give him wepons that don’t need energy,

Hmmm… Okay but the Energy part of this three way Hybrid will be difficult to find a weapon for… But to make it a bit more unfair The Resistance are

500 for Elec, Heat and Phys, Cause why not? I’m trying to make this into a boss where everyone REALLY need to fight as one

you do actualy want the boss to die as in to be killable… like in a week’s time, not of old age.
Cause at 500 resist, evrything will do 1 dmg to it…

Then how about 100 But the Resistance Restart but not at 100 but half that and stay there, If the Resistance Get’s to negative amounts and the player dies, It’ll restart back to 50

How about that? Less Harder?


We dont need mega boss , the last bullshit money grabbing difficulty grave diggers portal is already an example of a “Megaboss” challenge

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