Meet Golden Manta!

So here i am. I’m an old SM player from before reloaded, and I was sad that all my items became useless and my rank went down from 3 to 9 before I quit so my rank would stay the same. I recently came back to the game and I found that a fresh start made for a much better experience. I’m an artist, so I will post several drawing series. I also made this music that I feel fits with the game.

Cool cool? Cool. Lol this is going to be something that I say…

I’m planning to make a prof. pic for myself and who knows? I may take prof. pic suggestions.

I’m currently rank 15, struggling to get my 2nd mech good.
I’m in the Golden Mantas clan with my friend “phantom manace” (Yes thats how he spelled it.)

Bye for now…


Hello welcome to the place Golden.

Thanks! For future refrence call me Manta. Pretty sure there is already a “golden” xD

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Welcome Manta! :slight_smile:

Welcome back and to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:


welcome fellow traveler.

Welcome. Are you still playing on your old acct?

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Nice to Meet you Golden Manta

Welcome to the Forums

Welcome! Weko hope you will enjoy to read my post and playing SM Reloaded! :wink:


Like music :b
Welcome anyways…
I think it will looks great with you :smiley:
You haven’t had avatar right :)))))

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I could. Its just that Legacy Items are useless and I wanted a fresh start.

I can do private battles on my old acct still though . . .
If you want, tell me, we can arrange a time, meet “Clay Gears” In the chat. Thats me

Are you sure you don’t want to use your legacy account? there may be some items that could be useful to you in the reloaded era

Yeah I already tried. :frowning_face:

I was just wondering. That may take a while to up on the legacy.