Medals of former SM in new SM

One idea to medal-system:

restart it within the update
convert all old medals to ‘ancient all time’-medals per player and clan, only places 1-10

for the symbolic reason
what do you think?

Places 1-10?

What do you mean by this?

only the best 10 positions (of total sum) are shown in 1 medal.
sum over all the ancient time.

Very Good
This person wants new player to never know how good a ancient top player was

Sum over right

What would this accomplish?

Great. Let the top players suffer even more by erasing their medals. (Sarcasm).
And tin can is right, what would this accomplish?

Eyy guy, I erase my medals if you erase the fusion costs.



My deal is better:

1 kg cocaine and you erase the fusion costs and flux :stuck_out_tongue:

Say NO to drugs!

They are bad for you.


but you take them all the time flux… you sometimes more drunk than poppers

i dont take them…
may tacticsoft? :stuck_out_tongue: