Mechs for campaign (Insane)

Are there any builds that are effective in insane missions? Even my double lava spray doesn’t seem to be good enough :confused:

i recomend know the attack way of the mech you fight (using the quit button) before kill it, yeah sound boring but works.

and try to mix double lava with axe, hammer or heat legs. not only for do more heat, is for have more attacks.

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I dont have axes or hammers but I have 5 meltdown

Insane missions are literraly impossible.


Use a FireWatch mark I, FireWall, Meltdown Hammer/Infernal Axe, and a Lava Spray Mark I/II

cough I beated the insane campaign cough

Krystal What Mech Did You Use For The Insane Campaign?:confused:

a heat mech with 1K hp . deal with it

Me too, but i was talking about campaign of some weeks ago when all the mechs has 1500 HP and tanks 550 with 300 damage weapons.

That mech barely beats one machine in last mission. They have 314 heat and shotgun does 200 damage .

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I have one mission left. The final one. I can’t find a mech that beats more than one machine .

My lovely diamond shell beat big boy on insane…

How long ago? And which mech