Mech's careers and their growth


So,why don’t we post a couple pics of how our mechs started out to be,how they evolved and the way they are now?Isn’t it nice to remember your very first builds,see where you came from then look at where you are now?

So there are mine.Some changed a little and some completely,as you can see :)))
I wonder about yours :smile:

Forgot the can see the void for mech,mech 2 has a windforge and 3 has another void.


I wish I could but I haven’t taken a screeshot of every mech I made…


same with my mechs…I didn’t take a screen shot of my mechs…


I’ve got tons and tons of pictures,however I couldn’t paste every single version.Mine have changed a lot over the course of time so I only pasted the ones I thought that were the most considerate/important changes (especially when I completely changed builds).
Idk why but I still keep taking ss’s every now and then…Call it a secret pleasure :3

Too bad idh any pics of my legacy mechs.Maaan they were awesome!'Miss 'em…


Sorry, but mine is an disgrace, so I won’t show you mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you seen the forst version of my mech 3?
C’mon,we were all noobs once :rofl::laughing::sneezing_face:
We all started from the bottom so there’s no shame in anything.After all,it’s to show how bad we started and where we got in the meanwhile,anyways
Btw,you just made me curious.Show yours right away :slight_smile:


This is so nice.
Babby pics… from kindergarden to collage.
They grow so fast don’t they… like it was yesterday when you were huging that hammer like no tomorow…and now all grownup, wealding 2 anihilations like a pro.


Oh my God dude,you just made my day!


My growth: from noob to pro
22 AM
38 AM45 AM56 AM10 AM38 PM


Cool, I’ll play.

26 Oct 2017. Was wandering what to take myth next.

After lots of wasted crap later…

At least it looks badass. Still lacking in heat and energy recharge, but i have the basic parts for it. Just gotta build them up. As soon as i get another “op” energy part the myth sword will go. Spine fall is the only one i have. I still get my ass handed to me by energy free heat mechs and tougher physical mechs in the 3-4 range, but I have spent 50 or 60 bucks on this game. So I am not even mad.


Is not an embarrassment if you play for two years and you’re still a noob? :no_mouth:



Definitely not.

No chance…

(not a noob I swear!)


Here’s my mech now but no Past pics sorry xD


@0ld_Supermechs_User That 929 KG pains my eyes… Stop get some help from ramboy to get yourself a flaming scope…:sweat_smile:


Yup, the chances are huge.


I like the first in row 3… it reminds me of my aunt Felicia… :blush:


So, you said I’m not a noob (I now you didn’t say I’m a noob but whatever)?


That things looks like it’s taken steroids for it’s entire lifetime.'Luv the look of it but its functionality…Yeah :slight_smile:
Well,I’ve seen worse.But srsly now?2 years m8?No way…Played for around 9 months now and I’m getting my 5th mythical today (practically 4th because I think you read the story about my naga…Yeah,sad) and some would still say that I make pretty slow progress (anyways,no good to be rushing,shall I remind you of that Naga again?Better take it slower sometimes).
Maybe you just weren’t active.
Still,no shame in anything.It’s your own build that you created and worked for.You should be proud/have more confidence with it.

Btw,thx a lot for giving me an idea of a build for the GOAT tournament.
Not a shame anymore.It would be great for that.


But yea, let’s not forget that I made a new account when SM reloaded was out.


I played every day like crazy…
Maybe you didn’t have the time to farm (from what I can see ur around level 30) so ofc you wouldn’t have a bombshell mech.Nothing wrong with that.
Actually,when I was lvl 30 I remember I just barely got a legendary torso and a weapon,but had nowhere around your hp stats or that badass look.It was pretty pathetic at first (got that nightmare and used 2 flame launchers along with an epic side thingie,to later move on to windigo and therefore start my debut as a physical).
I’d say your fine just the way you are (speaking of SM) and for your level you sure got some nice class stuff right there.
So then…Please stop saying over and over that you’re a noob (or even suggest it anymore).C’mon have some faith.We all had to start somewhere…We all had our failure of builds that we changed,upgraded,grew (and looked after,like a lil’ baby m8…Srsly,used to check on it before I went to sleep every night)…After all,that’s the point of this topic :slight_smile: