Mechs and how to improve them

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i need help
lol any one

lol that’s that new OP Flaming Scope gun, just never fall into the 8 spot on the map when an enemy has it.
I don’t think that one was maxed out yet either.

If you see someone have that weapon, do NOT step into the corner, or even 1 step in front of the corner. If you find yourself there, move your mech. :slight_smile:

Unless you’re using Energy, and your opponent’s energy can be kept at 0. They cost Energy to fire.

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FLUX, IDK if you noticed that this is in fact THE FIRST TACTICAL HINT to be applied after SM Reloaded??? Wow, things are really start to move… The question is, in which direction…

This weapon assist me to upgrade other weapons. No one use this item, many mechs especially phy one never give much distance.
You’ll see this kind of weapons popup in future too, To just make premium box more exhaustive & occupied.