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Physical Torsos

(Credits to @cyanine for archimonde, slight edits made for formatting consistency)
Truly Balanced Physical Torso
“Horned-Devil from the pit”
A unique torso that is quite rare to find anywhere in the world, but it is most prominent in Southeastern countries. It features armor plating similar to Samurai armor, two horns on the “head” of the torso that establishes dominance to whoever fights it, and quite heavy durability, and balanced stats. Due to it being a newer-brand torso, no one knows what or where the design originated from, but it has been speculated that its origin lies in an ancient Japanese arena, with a rusted ‘horned-devil’ machine engraved with “ヨシモ” which translates to “Yoshimo”

NIS Rounded Physical Torso
“The light one”
The Interceptor is a variant of the NIS-250 series. Renowned for its low weight, but low HP stats, Interceptor builds often use every module slot, and 4-5 weapons. This torso will suffice for a powerful build, but pales in comparison to more specialized torsos. It is a Jack-Of-All, Master-Of-None

Energy Free Armor
Overly Plated Physical Torso
“An affront to common decency”

The Energy-Free Armor is an incredibly strange torso. While the NIS series was first being produced, too many NIS-250 engines were created, leading to a surplus. Engineers decided to fix this issue by using the leftover NIS-250s to power a larger torso, the Energy Free Armor. Due to the significant difference in size and weight, this overloaded the NIS-250’s Energy Generator due to it trying to run something bigger than it was meant to, resulting in an incredibly low energy capacity, and a slightly lower than usual heat cap. The prototypes were almost scrapped until a pilot known as “El Metre” discovered a powerful use for this armor’s HP in a powerful build known as the Dual Sorrow.

Hollow Spectral Armor
High HP Physical Torso
“One of the torsos owned by Monkey Inc.”

This gorilla-esque body was created when a batch of Avenger torsos were put together incorrectly. (Don’t blame them, they couldn’t understand the manual)* This mistake created an early edition of this armor, the orginal was quite overpowered, landing at 3256 health when maxed, but great stats come with a price, the orignal version of this torso was a whopping 740 weight. Intrigued by this torso, Mr. Ihalig decided to take this project upon himself. Two months later, he had something he thought would intrigue other players. He released it and it became an instant hit, becoming one of the must have torsos.
*See Ethics Weekly 4/4/2078 for more information concerning why this occurred

Defensive Physical Torso
“The original physical beast”

When the world went through what is nowadays named ‘Reloaded,’ there were not many options for physical torsos. There was a torso named Avenger with a decent 1200 health, but a lower amount of energy and heat stats. This was one of the must have torsos of the early times of Reloaded. But when the ***Hollow Spectral Armor*and relatives, alongside Energy Free Armor became part of the battle, the Avenger became nearly obsolete. Surprisingly, it is speculated the Avenger torso will make its way back into the meta in the future.

Metal Booster
Weak but balanced Physical Torso
“The Prototype”
The R-1a Metal Booster was one of the first new torsos created after the Reloaded incident, and suffered for it. It came out when the final designs for a lot of the most powerful torsos were undeveloped, and is too fragile and has too low core stats for mid to high ranks. This torso is standard issue for all new recruits

Weak but balanced Physical Torso
“The Second Chance”
The R-1b Redeemer was originally created by a tinkering pilot, who was working on their maxed Metal Booster Despite its identical appearance to Metal Booster at Epic tier, the Redeemer actually has completely different internal construction. Sadly, this torso is not considered viable at high ranks due to low HP and core stats, as well as not being compatible with binned parts more complex than Legendary tier.

Heat Torsos

Credit to @cyanine for the entry for the Nightmare (some portions slightly modified for clarity or to conform with formatting guidelines)
NIS Rounded Heat Torso
“The Dream Machine”

One of the NIS series torsos. It is a well-balanced torso for fighting in high temperatures. It is lightweight, good durability, and having a unique engine called the NIS-250, which is used by other models with slight tweaks. For the Nightmare, it is tweaked for Heat Capacity, as well as the dual cooling turbines to increase the Cooling properties of the torso.

Heavy Cooling Heat Torso
“The Sun Devourer”

The Zarkares was one of the first torsos composed entirely of Mechanite-512 Alloys. The properties of Mechanite gave this mech a very tough shell, as well as impressive heat conductivity. Alongside the back-mounted cooling rods, the Mechanite shell allows the Zarkares to cool off incredibly high internal temperatures (Up to 25000 Degrees Kelvin) in mere seconds.

Molten Platinum Vest
Physical Resistant Heat Torso
“A Hot Deal”

The Molten Platinum Vest, along with its sister design, the Lightning Platinum Vest, were rather interesting experiments. Engineering discovered that a Platinum and Mechanite-512 alloy (ratios redacted for security purposes) has an incredible resistance to heavy kinetic impacts. Engineering decided the best way to release the prototypes was via a raffle for a few of the prototypes. Upon backlash from many pilots related to its randomized and very limited distribution, not enough money was able to be collected to produce better versions with complete resistance to physical weaponry. Thus, this part was never truly completed, which is why the torso is rather light, and doesn’t nullify all physical impact damage.

Fractured Heat Armor
High HP Heat Torso
“One torso currently owned by Monkey Inc.”

The same company that owned the NIS series noticed the success that Monkey Inc. was having with their new torso. The company concluded that if they could get the same thing but a different element, it could not be classified as stolen, the company also succeeded in adding more health to this torso, giving it 1600 health and hopefully to influence players in their favor. They would make this torso in a new factory and made two sister torsos of heat and energy. But Monkey Inc. knew about this and bought out the factory before the original company could put it into the market.

Rounded Heat Torso
“A Mirror Image”
The B-Rt “Brutality” is actually a bit of derivative tech, borrowing heavily from the aliens’ ‘G-DM3’ invasion unit, which was a powerful mech that was almost unbeatable. This heat torso is more balanced than a Zarkares torso, but it makes up for the weaker plating and cooling with less weight

Energy Torsos

Lightning Platinum Vest
Physical Resistant Energy Torso
“Shockingly tough”

The Lightning Platinum Vest, along with its sister design, the Molten Platinum Vest, were rather interesting experiments. Engineering discovered that a Platinum and Mechanite-512 alloy (ratios redacted for security purposes) has an incredible resistance to heavy kinetic impacts. Engineering decided the best way to release the prototypes was via a raffle for a few of the prototypes. Upon backlash from many pilots related to its randomized and very limited distribution, not enough money was able to be collected to produce better versions with complete resistance to physical weaponry. Thus, this part was never truly completed, which is why the torso is rather light, and doesn’t nullify all physical impact damage.

Specialized Energy Torso
“Reaper of Fools”

The GrimReaper has certainly gained its name. Energy builds are intended to punish opponents who don’t kill them fast enough, and the GrimReaper’s godlike energy core stats can nullify enemy energy builds, and keep the hits coming, practically guaranteeing victory under ideal conditions. However, it eventually reaps what it sows, as its low hp and terrible heat stats mean it can be easily defeated by well-constructed boilers, Triple Magmas, and heavily burst-focused physical builds, especially those using Frantics.

Galaxus-Series Energy Torso
“Eternal Grin”
The Naga is a refurbished version of one of the most powerful torsos before the “Reloaded” Mass Refurbishing. Many torsos refurbished or reclaimed during this period were incredibly outdated, and had incredibly volatile ammo storages. For the Naga, these storages were removed, and replaced with much more stable Electron Cells. It is well known as an equal of the Zarkares, and many pilots have engaged in rivalries among each other to decide which is the superior torso.

Rusty Energy Armor
High HP Energy Torso
“One torso currently owned by Monkey Inc.”

The same company that owned the NIS series noticed the success that Monkey Inc. was having with their new torso. The company concluded that if they could get the same thing but a different element, it could not classified as stolen, the company also succeeded in adding more health to this torso, giving it 1600 health and hopefully to influence players in their favor. They would make this torso in a new factory and made two sister torsos of heat and energy. But Monkey Inc. knew about this and bought out the factory before the original company could put it into the market.

Top and Side Weapons
Physical Weapons
Physical Side Weapons

Energy-Free Short Range Physical Side Weapon
65 Weight
1-2 Range
3 Uses

203-341 Impact Damage 15 Physical Resistance Drain (0/0)

The A-N1a “Annihilation” is considered the first great weapon for Physical Mechs. Despite often being misconstrued as a modified form of the pre-Reloaded Needle Blaster, the Annihilation was created using modified blueprints of the original. The result is an incredibly powerful weapon, allowing Physical mechs to output large amounts of damage, even while energy drained.

Energy Free Medium Range Physical Side Weapon
42 Weight
Range 3-6
3 Uses

169-256 Impact Damage 10 Physical Resistance Drain (0/0)

*The A-N1b “Sweetie” is a modified form of an Annihilation. The three extended barrels are finely tuned to increase accuracy at further ranges, at the cost of a lower fire rate and lower projectile speed.
Sacrifice Cannon
Backfire Physical Side Weapon


The PD-SCL “Sacrifice Cannon” is in fact an outdated weapon that has been slightly modified. The goal of the weaoib was to use the unstable munitions and design from the Pre-reloaded top weapon known as [name needed] to create a bigger explosion in one shot. The resulting weapon deals a large sum of damage for its extremely low weight, but due to a manufacturing issue, some munitions will explode inside the barrels and harm the user.

Physical Top Weapons

Frantic Brute
High Damage Spread Physical Top Weapon
“Artillery On A Budget”
50 Weight
3-6 Range
2 Uses

69-632 Impact Damage -9 Physical Resistance Drain (10/50)

The FR-B01 “Frantic Brute” is a very strange weapon. It is originally developed as a cheaper alternative to the famous “Spartan Carnage” used by many top-tier mechs. Development turned tides once engineers realized that the cheaper, non-binned parts are unable to withstand the extreme stress this weapon will endure during usage. The idea of a machine gun is scrapped and replaced by a much simpler artillery cannon based of the refurbished old design off the “Wipeout” weapon before the “Reloaded” mass refurbishment. When activated this weapon launches four extremely heavy shells made of depleted Mechanite-1024 at very high speeds, capable of inflicting a level of damage even beyond what’s capable with expensive “L-M” weapons. However, one massive drawback of this weapon is it’s accuracy. Due to the short-barrels which is originally intended for energy-blasts rather than physical shells on the original “Wipeout” and its rather inconsistent internal mechanism due to being unable to use “Binned” parts, “Frantic Brute” suffers from extremely poor accuracy, sometimes even completely missing their targets (dealing only 1 damage) and most of the time only having 2 out of 4 shell hitting their intended targets, significantly reducing it’s average damage output.

Spartan Carnage
Mid Range Phys Top Weapon
“The Only Prototype Better than the Final Version”
?? Weight
Range ?
3 Uses


The SC-96 Spartan Carnage is one of the best weapons in a physical mech’s arsenal, able to deal obscenely large and consistent damage due to its explosive Mechanite warheads. The design was originally based on a failed prototype of the Rapid Destruction when Engineering realized that it could be used for a cheaper base for a rocket launcher that utilized the expensive Mechanite alloy.

Heat Weapons
Heat Side Weapons

Magma Blast
Heavy Rocket Launcher
55 Weight
2-4 Range
One-time use

211-403 Explosive Damage, 79 Heat Damage, 17 Cooling Damage, 30 Heat Capacity Reduction, 13 Resistance Drain

The DP-MB3 Magma Blast is one of the most powerful weapons in the Heat arsenal. It fires a massive warhead made of a combination of Mechanite-512, Mechanite-1024, and a special incendiary-explosive material that releases massive amounts of heat once it’s activated. When fired, it deals damage in 3 consecutive stages: Physical Impact, Explosion, and Thermal damage. The heavy shell made of Mechanite-512 accelerates to over 500 kilometers/hour before impact, the speed and the sharp edge of the shell, allows it to pierce armor relatively easily, which often results in the warhead being stuck in the armor of the mech, this is not a bad thing, as it helps dealing even more damage during the next 2 stages. After impact, the Mechanite-1024 inside the warhead immediately starts a fusion reaction, resulting an explosion powerful enough to damage Mechanite-512 based armor, with the explosion radius being almost as big as the target mech itself. The explosion also ignites and spreads the special Incendiary-explosive material, which immediately burns, expands, and turns from solid to a liquid-ish material with a texture similar to that of a molten rock. This is where the Magma Blast name came from. The extremely hot, burning liquid releases massive amounts of heat, and thanks to it’s special Magma-like properties, the heat is transferred into the target much more effectively than using other Methods. The liquid also seeps deep into the internals of the mech torso via the hole, crater, and cracks from the impact and explosion, damaging cooling systems and reduces the structural integrity of the mech, leaving the mech vulnerable to more heat attacks. The weapon also doesn’t need energy to be used, the energy consumption is so low that all the energy it needs can be supplied by the Auxiliary Generator usually only used for basic actions (like walking), making this weapon very attractive for most heat mech pilots. However, one drawback of this weapon is that it can only be used once, this is because the warhead is incredibly heavy, with half of the weapon’s weight being taken up by the warhead itself, leaving little to no room for extra warheads. The bespoke parts needed also made this weapon very rare and expensive.

The prototype of this weapon, the DP-MB1, is quite overpowered, being capable of taking down skyscrapers and reducing older model mechs to ash with just one shot. However, such power came at a cost, as the DP-MB1 weighs at a leg-breaking 145 "Kg"s. The energy consumption is also quite high, requiring 31 energy to fire. Further developments of this weapon with mostly focusing on miniaturization led to the creation of the DP-MB2, a much lighter and smaller version with less destructive power. The energy consumption is also reduced by 98%, this allows the weapon to be powered by just the Auxiliary Generator. During this time period, it’s energy brother, the DP-BS1 Bunker Shell is also developed. The DP-MB2 ended up being one of the most popular weapons in the top ranks, with it’s high destructive power and being practically energy-free. However, a regulation change which aims for balancing the power of weapons in the virtual “Arena” deemed the DP-MB2 to be too powerful, which led to the engineers to issue a software update to the DP-MB2 to become slightly weaker when used in the virtual “Arena”, real-world performance aren’t affected by this update.

Heat Top Weapons

“I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.”

The D-S0 “Desolation” is an incrediby powerful missile launcher, originally meant to clear large areas of dense foilage, burning anything within the target location. Upon outcry from the Society for Preservation of Ecosystems after these weapons were used to create a location now referred to as “The Dry Lands,” all remaining Desolations were repurposed.* The Desolation’s Thermite Warheads allow for massive amounts of damage output, but for some reason, do not generate large amounts of heat for the opponent.

*This however, has not deterred a pilot known as “@lordgorgon” from using these weapons to great effect with a specialized mech referred to as the “Dual Deso”

Energy Weapons
Energy Side Weapons

Drunk Lightning

Backfire Energy Side Weapon

“Inebriated Ingenuity”

The PD-BSL “Drunk Lightning” was originally created by a significantly drunk engineer who wanted to take the damage output of the DP-BS1 Bunker Shell and put it into a lighter frame from a pre-Reloaded top weapon known as ***[name needed]*. The resulting weapon is incredibly light for a side weapon, but has a significant issue: this weapon actually self destructs while discharging the shell, dealing damage to the user

Energy Top Weapons
Physical Drones

Short Range Physical Drone
40 Weight
Range 2-4
Infinite uses

184-336 Impact Damage -9 Physical Resistance Drain (25/25)

The T0N-T “Tonto” was originally intended to be a new form of torso theoretically capable of long term flight, but after a few engineers actually ran the calculations instead of theorizing about them, they realized it would be impossible, and instead created the drone we all know and love. This drone fires a small explosive shell which deals high damage, but will not fire if the enemy mech is too close, so as to prevent self-damage, and cannot hurl the projectile far enough to hit distant targets. This drone is one of the best for a physical arsenal, possessing a range that covers almost all of the most powerful physical weapons.

Solar Torch
Long Range Physical Drone
40 Weight
Range 3-6
Infinite Uses

193-348 Impact Damage -9 Physical Resistance Drain (25/25)

The S0R-T “Solar Torch” is a long range physical drone based off the basic core design of “Tonto”. It is modified with a longer barrel and a slightly more powerful explosive shells. The internal mechanism is the "binned“ version of the internal mechanism found on Tonto, which is more durable and can withstand higher stress levels all while keeping power consumption and heat generation down. However, due to the nature of the “binning” process, this made the internal mechanism much rarer and more expensive than the standard one found on “Tonto” reducing it’s availability and further increasing the prices
See Manufacturing Encyclopedia Section 49 under Various Addenda for more information about the binning process

Low Damage Res Draining Physical Drone
20 Weight
All Ranges
Infinite uses

72-117 Impact Damage -10 Physical Resistance Drain (16/16)

The G-R3Dm “Greedy” was first developed in a weaker form known as “Cosmos,” but by adding Mechanite isotopes and alloys to its explosive piercing weaponry, this drone more easily shatters plating on enemy mechs, allowing easy access to the opponent’s delicate internals.

Pull Physical Drone
51 Weight
All Ranges
Infinite Uses

The B4K-STBr “Backstabber” was created by a Pilot who really wanted a drone that could pull their opponents toward them to make their “SeraphBlade” more usable. to create the B4K-STBr, they combined a Void and Night Eagle. Due to the complex mechanism, this design requires “Legendary” binned components instead of “Epic” components.

Heat Drones

Short Range Heat Drone
50 Weight
Range 2-4

134-242 Explosive Dmg 48 Heat Generation -5 Explosive Resistance Drain (0/50)

Production of the F-R3F1 “Firefly” drone was initially delayed due to complications inherent with creating a powerful Electron Core, which tends to create emp blasts that can do nasty things like frying the nervous system of every engineer present at the original unveiling.* This drone requires a fusion reaction to activate, requiring a lot of heat generation from the primary mech. This variant of the Tonto fires incendiary explosive shells, potentially overheating the opponent.
*See Incident Report 04//14//2095-B"You’re Fired" under Various Addenda

Energy Drones

Rail Gun
Long Range Energy Drone

The R-Gn “Rail Gun” is a modified form of the Electrolyte Drone, specialized for long range combat. The longer and rifled barrels allow the Rail Gun to fire incredibly accurate and high-speed shots. The internal components are the “Binned” form of the Electrolyte’s, however, the rather tough internals required prohibit this drone from utilizing binned components that are weaker than “Legendary”.*

*It turns out that this is not the case. see Unreliable Guardian for more information.

Unreliable Guardian
“But why?”
Long Range Energy Backfire Drone

The “Unreliable Guardian” is not really a new drone. The internals for this drone are identical to those of an Electrolyte or Rail Gun, but they use the body of a pre-Reloaded drone that was known as “Bullet Shark.” The result is a drone that deals incredible damage at the cost of terrible accuracy. Due to this flaw most of the actual energy released either misses the opponent, or impacts the user’s mech, however, it deals significantly more damage to the opponent than almost any other drone.

Physical Legs
Heat Legs
Energy Legs

Sparked Runners
Special-Roller legs.
“Fast Charging”

The SPAE-86R "Spaked Runners" is focused on mobility. Being made of a special ultralight material called “M512RCF” (Mechanite-512 Reinforced Carbon Fiber) with Mechanite-512 coating made this legs incredibly light, lighter than any other Legs in the SM arsenal. Power for mobility is derived from 2 powerful electric motors in each leg, one in each end (front/rear), each of the motor can deliver up to 2500 Horsepower and a mind-blowing 12500 foot-pounds of torque all from 0 rpm. When combined, this results in an Earth-shattering 10000 Horsepower and 50000 lb-ft pounds of torque, which is transferred to the ground using special tracks made from R-881 (a special kind of rubber from a different planet). This extreme amount of power, torque, and grip allows these building-sized, 27 Ton+ Mechs, to accelerate from 0 to 60 Miles per hour, in just 1,5 seconds, and have a top-speed of over 200 Miles per hour (Over 320 km/h), making this legs useful for mechs built for reconnaissance and pursuit. However, the speed is usually limited to 30 Mph during combat to preserve energy, or when energy-drained, in which the Auxiliary Generator cannot provide enough energy to accelerate beyond 35 Mph. Despite it’s lightweight nature and excellent mobility, there are some drawbacks of using these legs. M512RCF, while very light, is weaker than pure Mechanite-512, as a result these legs have the lowest amount of HP in the SM Arsenal. The SPAE-86R also lacks the ability to jump, rendering some weapons unusable in mechs with the SPAE-86R equipped. (Although, some have reported that SPAE-86R do have the ability to jump, albeit shorter than normal legs and only usable with swords)

Various Addenda
Magazine or Periodical Excerpts

A Brief Excerpt from Ethics Weekly, 4/4/2078
100 Reasons Why Primate Labor is Unethical and Impractical.
Since we figured out the new Primate Translation Headset, many companies, such as Monkey Inc., have attempted to exploit it for cheap labor. Aside from the obvious ethical issue with enslaving a nearly sapient species, this process seems impractical for the following reasons:

  • If multiple primates orchestrate a rebellion, they don’t have as strong of a moral compass, resulting in potential brutality normal humans would consider too extreme.

  • These primates will attempt to eat the insides of any long yellow object. The reasons for this are currently unknown.

  • Most primates seem unable to comprehend written instructions, and will instead construct things in their image with parts provided
    [This list continues for 97 more points, none of which are relevant, and later points degrade into ‘word salad.’ It is theorized that the writer was actually transcribing a list from one primate.]

A Brief Excerpt from Popular Robotics Magazine 1/18/2089
Mechanite: Our Future?
Since we discovered Mechanite-512 and Mechanite-1024, we’ve made countless technological advances. Ultralight Mechanite-512 alloys are some of the best we’ve found, with high shear strength, and toughness, without sacrificing hardness. Mechanite-1024 is the most powerful and surprisingly, cleanest, source of nuclear energy, and releases most energy in the form of electricity or heat… [End of Excerpt]

Incident Reports

Incident Report 04//14//2095-B"You’re Fired"

[Beginning transcription of Log 4//14//2095-B 16:26:32 Security Station Foxtrot Alpha]

Incident Report Automated Recording: Please remember, any and all incident reports will be immediately reported to your superiors for review. Please begin your incident report with the appropriate code.

Sr. Engineer Rexin: Class-3 Electrical Failure

IRAR: Please describe the occurence in detail.

SER: Oh god, they’re all dead!

IRAR: Statement not clear enough, please add more information.

SER: Sgt. Godman suggested a way to cut corners for the production of the prototype Firefly so we could be on schedule for the unveiling at 16:15 today. In doing so, R&D unintentionally created one drone with a faulty Electron Core. When we swiched them on to showcase live-fire capabilities, the faulty drone’s Core melted down, and released an EMP .

IRAR: Please supply more details. What did the EMP cause?

SER: Everyone’s dead. The pulse set off a chain reaction in the cores of the other drones. The EMP… it fried their nervous systems… I’m the last surviving engineer. [Rexin pauses briefly] The screams… [Unintelligible] …I can still hear the screams.

IRAR: Upon review from High Command, I am happy to say that you have been promoted to [JOBLESS], please [PACK YOUR THINGS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE]

[End of Log]

Manufacturing Encyclopedia

Manufacturing Encyclopedia Section 49: Binning

Much like silicon chips. Binning is a term Mechanite-512 based parts manufacturers use for categorizing components based on quality and performance. Due to the complexities of manufacturing parts based off Mechanite-512, final products of varying quality are produced. After manufacturing, manufacturers tested each part and segregated them to different categories based on their performance, durability, and energy-efficiency. Most of these components are capable of reaching the standards. However, some of these components fails to meet those standards, these components are either discarded or sold as lower quality parts at a cheaper price, most of these being items that cannot meet the “Mythical” Performance Standard. On the other hand, there are some parts that vastly exceeded these standards, having higher performance and quality than most other parts from the same manufacturer and model. Yes, two parts with the same model number and manufacturer can differ in performance. These uncertainties are often referred to as the “Mechanite Lottery”

“Binned” parts are parts that are the winners of the “Mechanite Lottery”. These parts have higher performance and quality than the rest of their pack, and they are often used to make more powerful, expensive, and rarer items known as “L-M items” that cannot use the standard parts due to the very high stress levels involved.

Manufacturing Encyclopedia Section 97: TOKNs

What are commonly referred to as Tokens are in fact, incredibly complex and delicate pieces of technology. The abbreviation stands for:
The purpose of these are in fact to harness the technology of our invaders. Each TOKN contains a miniaturized quantum computer, with the purpose of overriding the emergency killswitches built into enemy weaponry. With 75 networked TOKNs, pilots recieve a 10% chance to obtain “Legendary” grade weaponry, though it seems to work on “Epic” Weaponry 90% if the time
*, much to the dismay of most pilots. TOKNs always self-destruct for security purposes after one use. Upon appropriate modifications at the nearest Manufacturing plant, the results are returned in a sleek red box with a skull emblem, known as Premium Boxes.

*335 TOKNs are capable of overriding 5 weapons simultaneously, and therefore a much better use of resources. (The added gold trim when compared to the “Premium Box” makes it a rather ornate container)

Combat Encyclopedia

Combat Encyclopedia Section 6: Arena
Many pilots question the arena, and why it exists. “When we’re under threat by a species threatening to wipe us out, why are we wasting technology fighting each other?” is a prime example of this type of question. Your Arena experience is in fact, an incredibly complex simulation, allowing pilots to perform training exercises by dueling each other. No mechs are damaged in the process, as any and all rounds are blanks, or harmless lasers, but through advanced holographic technology, parts of mechs will appear to be damaged, and even explode.*

*Please note that this affects your Pilot Ranking, and failure to perform well will lower your overall rank


(Also, feel free to comment if you find an issue, or want to discuss something about a certain item, etc)

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