Mech size. Shrink or enlarge?


I’ve been playing for a while now but I’ve just never seen how to change my mech size because I see them in peoples replays and I am just wondering how to enlarge or shrink my mech???


It’s a visual add on just like the Santa Hat, Punkin Head, and now the Unicorn Horn
They killed off the “Honey I shrunk the” Mech potion as well as the Punkin Head.
TS may bring them back beings they like tokens so much or maybe not.


Not so sure about that. They didn’t even put up an event for Halloween, just this sale on color kits :sweat_smile:
We may not see the pumpkin head anymore.


I have some, altho made 2 of them into pies last night, and some of their parts were used as decorations for my GOAT mech :jack_o_lantern::goat::jack_o_lantern:


They should redesign it in the image of the real Punkin head from the movie.