Mech paint booth


with this you guy can customize your mech anyway you want

New mechs paint IDEA
New paint idea by PROTO32TYPE

Can you explain it better?


ok it’s like this in the booth u get to paint your mech in any way you want you get to chose where the colors goes and you put can a symbol on it to make it look cool a friend of mine told me he wanted to paint his mech in red and gold you know like iron man


Oh, i got it what you mean now, yeah, would be nice to customize something in your mech, but probaly wont happen because the devs from TS only think about tokens when you say PAINTING… So, not gonna hapen… I’m sad too, the storm paint that i liked cost 300 each cube, more than the white one :frowning:


yeah it a pain in the azz :expressionless:


so how much tokens do you have