Mech of the Month first competition


Go ahead and post your best builds. I will be looking at the mechs by type. The maximum number of mechs that you can post is 6. Good luck pilots!


I do not have everything maxed but here you go


2 week’s btw


Do I have to show the stats or just my setup (I run 3v3,individually they might be weaker,but as a team they break skulls)?


Setup my man…


I’ll chance his legs once I get a little boosting going on.


Check out this sexy beast:


Not bad i do like it


It will look even cooler once everythings black and If I got a terrorblade


Im itching to test my new mech on somebody, wanna fight?


The second mech is in progress



Could you stop making those cancerous metas, they are impossible to beat, theres no fun in that :frowning:


This little fella.


He volunteered as tribute
2018-03-15 (3)


Legs fit in with Optimus Prime :stuck_out_tongue:


whoa! y’all have some great mechs. Contest ends on Mar. 30


What torso is that and tell me if it still exists.


It’s named banshee, remake of mega gladiator legacy version


What does the best mech build win?