Mech multiple imitation

Create any item multiple imitation.
Wont work in upgrade :cry:

Drag mech down to 4 place and close X

Open order room again
Drag 4 to 1and close X

Open order room again

4 place mech with 0 weight, no real use.

The mirage effect
Place 1

Place 4

Place 4 drag to place 3

does this allow you to pull weapons off from the shell mech and re use them?

Imitation item cant be use in pvp, campaign or upgrade just mirage.
I try to use imitation mech in campaign it shows you loss abort or pay 10T to revive.

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You only have one mech? I think this is a problem when you tried to move your only mech and your 1st mech slot is empty.

Wow, you managed to clone your mech. :o

Yes i tried with multiple mechs. Totally mess up my modules n other stuff, my top weapons gone to place 3 torso gone place 4 leg place 1 some modules place 4 5 6. So had to remove all slots items.

Just logout and log back in when that happens. :slight_smile:

log out, log in…

you can also try “swapping” out any invisible modules/weapons if it registers any weight even if you disassembled your mech.

What happened to me when I removed my first mech was my second mech moved in its spot, and they ended up fused! Then I got invisible/missing modules. But I think that was in the previous version…

It’s just a visual bug, it is since first week, when we had access to all 6 mech slots !

I reported it as soon as possible, when I saw it.

Seems still not fixed (reported it at 19 Sept).

Dont move the “new” items, and all is fine again, if you try to move them, Mech build is gone and the items are in inventory. No new ones !


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