Mech improvement

I would like to have a second opinion about how I could improve my mech

I know what you will say,better modules. But other than that what else do I need? Should I change my drone or what? I’m thinking of using the new weapon that I just got from the increased chance event.

In case you wanna see my inventory:

And yes,I have Sorrow too.

show them ur overall stats

And by the way I have a second mech too which is surprisingly better than the first,but I don’t need tips for improving it.

To use the new weapon you NEED plates and resistance, else it’s suicide.
Heck, even with plates it’s still suicide


True,true. The backfire is too big. I will stick to Sorrow maybe,or myth my Fire Protector (the drone with backfire),the backfire isn’t too big should I replace the drone I have now?

I can make a mech for you without new weapon:
Same torso and legs
Magma recoiler
Basalt dissolver
Supreme cannon
Heat point(drone)
Saviour resistance
2 plates
1 heat engine
3 cooling mass boosters

That sounds like an awesome build to be honest. The only problem is that I don’t have recoiled and Point,but they are easy to get since they are E-M. Thanks for the idea!

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gotta make a choice on damage or boiler. if i were you I would do a second desolation use the new weapon and beef up your modules. unfortunately right now with that mech energy will crush you

New weapon will kill him since he doesn’t have plat plates.
I thought about dual desolation too, that could work. But since he has low hp any Phys mech will bring him into range 3, which is a blind spot. Energy may kill before doing much damage.

Well i am assuming he is at a lower rank with that gear and with the new weapon he can use his heat bomb and then retreat. he could even keep it more boiler and heat bomb, escape with new weapon and then keep thereat coming. he might lose some health using the weapon but he would be doing serious heat damage.


not true. if he uses it 3 times he loses 369 but his mech has over 1900 HP :wink:

Most energy mech’s heat sucks,I know some are heat proof,but I use my Energy mech for dealing with them since it drains lots of energy with face shocker+Malice beam+Hybrid.


It’s a pity to not use my heat bomb,but it’s a greater pity to not use my Sorrow which is a top-rank favourite.

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