Mech Duplication Glitch (Minor UI Bug)

Urm @Sarah247 there seems to be a glitch where you can “duplicate” your mechs by using the extra mech lots (4-6). It doesn’t actually copy your items but it is a bit of a mess when organising things.

Yes that is a spider torso…
######Just you wait until it makes a comeback. :wink:

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I do not know if you know but I already sent a topic about this error even though it is risky to be this because you lose your weapons for one day

It’s a bug. Quit, reset and see if it’s fixed.

So far, no fix has been done.

If any items have “disappeared” swap out the empty slots with any spare item to eject out the invisible inventory.

I reboot even though errors are stronger than those, an example is the error of watching the videos of people after many times that you can enter the workshop of the person without touching anything obiamente but you can see your equipment and report this error and many mistakes in this game that have to be addressed

I had this glitch as well , if you only have 1 mech and this happens , RELOAD THE PAGE. if you do a campaign mission the game will freeze and youll need dev assistence