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when can i join???


@DANIEL_GOSSETT whenever you want, it’s invite only so just search up ‘Mech Corp’ and request to join.


ok thankyou…


I just now requested to join


Good work everybody. Our highest rank to date and still consistently getting 1000+ wins a week.

May have a couple of open spots at the end of the season for serious players only now. We’ve got a very stable player base now and it wouldn’t be fair on the others to have to put in extra work because others can’t be bothered.


very nice :wink: :wink: :wink:


Very nicer top place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


welcom bacc @Muhd_Boci


67, 68, 69

Danger, Sail into Darkness, Mech Corp


Hey everyone! Quick update on the clan’s progress!:
image - Easily beating the 4 star God Mode titan.

image - Hitting 1k+ wins well before the season end (screenshot at 1d 21h before season end)

image - Rank 66 and quickly climbing with even more potential!

We will be looking for another member or 2 at the end of the season. Please hit up (via PM) @LowKee or me to apply! Send screenshots of Rank/Mechs and arena wins! (Reminder that clan min arena wins is 42/week or 6/day)


Our current goals are to make top 50 and hitting our 1k wins target even quicker, eventually aiming for 2k wins per season.

We have a very strong clan now yet unfortunately there’s still a few players that aren’t quite performing as well as the others and don’t pay attention to the ingame chat. Their loss could be your gain!

Ideally we’re looking for dedicated daily players now. Must be able to get at least 6 wins a day and willing to improve on that.


Top 66, Damn…Nice

Great Clan Lowkee


Thanks @SeanChoi1870


We currently have two openings.


@SeanChoi1870 join us


?..with my alt?..sure


no both alts


The only way is up!


And also Up, the movie Up.


Another weekly Update! We will be looking for a few more members at season reset! We got even stronger this week! please send you application to @LowKee. And remember, the only requirement is that you get 6 wins/day or 42 wins/week! If you’ll be absent, you have to let us know in advance. And here’s a few more screenshots of the clans progress! A bunch of our members were on break this week too, so our potential is even higher!:


5 Star Titan!


Active Forum, Clan Chat Group!

Thanks for reading!