'Mech Corp' rules & discussion


Hey @LowKee and @Pavic, im ready. sending request now


Okay, give me a minute, was just farming and posting.


@LowKee and @Pavic, it is sent.


Just had a massive clear out of players who couldn’t make 6 wins a day so heavily recruiting right now!


If you are looking for an active, fun clan, look no further! We are still looking for more players! We are a strong, quickly rising clan with R1 players that will help you out! Last season, we ended in top 100 clans. We also have a forum chat group. Our only requirement right now is 6 arena wins/day. For the past 2 seasons, we have been consistently achieving the 1000 arena win mark. We have also been easily completing every titan for the past few weeks (I believe we are on 3 stars right now).

Thanks for reading this post!


I recommend this clan


i still recommend btb


I also recommend that clan


I recommend Trolls Fast, Bound to Black, Warriors of White and Mech Corp.


Awwww man…! I wish I could have stayed… No hard feelings though, you did what you had to do to get your clan better.


But if you need me, I will always be there :smile:


Well, our one true goal is earning 2k Wins per season, about 6 wins everyday for each people.

So basically, not enough wins = get the hell out lmao


Yeah, I get it. Honestly I think that is perfectly fair.


We currently have 3 spaces open. When full were usually in the top 100.


I recommend this clan, with a friendly Rank 1-2 to get you started. :slight_smile:


our great fan is mememaster accept him please


Tested by the BTB gang

Need a new leader for my clan

how many wins do you get a week



We aim for 1k, usually get around 1100.

Edit: I see from your other post you’re after the 50 tokens reward. As long as you can contribute at least 6 wins a day/46 a week, we’d happily share our tokens with you.


yeah right now i am in a clan that is in the top 60 but only gets 500 wins