'Mech Corp' rules & discussion


what makes you think I’m Lightstare


Cuz I am lightstare

I stare at the light long enough that it burns my facehole


i think he is in Troll Fast



Alternative account*


@WinzKay thank you … but what did i do :confused: ??


I’ve been in your clan for weeks :wink:


whats your account’s name ?


that’s a secret :wink:


hmm okay … have you got your 40wins this week ? :wink:


*cough *

Will do, Captain


I’m watching you :eyes:


You’re bluffing.



It did sadly…


@WinzKay @cyanine he can’t be lightstare, lightstare is underperforming and about to get kicked if he doesn’t start getting more wins in! :wink:


Ground breaking or something…idk
the last thing i remember before leave the clan
just saying some random stuff


We are definitely still looking for active players! Please apply if interested! Even though it says that we are currently 24/24, a lot of those spots are just fillers.



hey @LowKee, i would love to join your clan. just want to warn you, i go skiing on the weekends sometimes so i might be off for a majority of that time


and i will try hard to get 6 wins every day. it shouldnt be too hard, but i will get at least five i think


Awesome. Let me know when you’re next about and I’ll get you in.


My account is Yo Momma - 2506. I can guarantee you 100 wins per week, 72 tickets per titan. Need a new clan, pm me.