'Mech Corp' rules & discussion


Definately. That is where we need to be. It’s going to be slow going weeding out players that are willing to put in work but once we have them, we will be very strong.

The hard part was getting the clan full, we’ve done that. We just need to keep our eyes out for hard working players now.


Yes I know that’s why I offer help with mech bilding I know it looks like o only have a physical mech but I am good at all I’m currently making a heat and energy Mech


Which account is yours?


SGB2004 is my account


^. ^ 20 characters ^^


So you’ll notice I didnt get the highest score against the titan or collect the most tickets, yet I still get the highest reward.

It shows its better we all do a little work together rather than one person try do it all to reap the benefits.


@nightfox485 Did you still want to join? Got an inactive player that needs booting.


Yep! I’m ready whenever! Just pm me :slight_smile:


Just an update, we are now giving away free cake* to any new member who joins.

*the cake is a lie


Hahaha! Very Funny!


Sign me up and lets have a go!


Alright, I’ll head to Global chat now!


Are you Hamarius ingame too?


yes, am in global now


Hey can i join? I am rank 6


Great work everybody, we where around 260 a week or so ago. We’ve got some great players. Everybody is doing their part from looking for recruits, getting insane amounts of wins and making the rest of us look bad to keeping things running when I’m not around.

I’m really proud of you all and how we’re growing!

@Destroyerblack @Super_Yeeter @GODMOD2004 @nightfox485 @Hamarius @w4rd0g and the rest of you. Not to mention the alts, I won’t mention as I dunno of you’re all super secret about them or not, you guys know who you are.


Well done guys, took us 3 seasons but we finally hit 1000 wins!


Yeah! Go Mech Corp!

Also, did Mech Corporation exist already?


Good one captain!

I have 3 captains… geeeeeez

and also, I have @Bahaeddine_Jaaouani as another captain but he doesn’t know lol


Who are you in clan? Lightstare?