'Mech Corp' rules & discussion


Okay, so as you know I created Mech Corp not so long ago as I was frustrated with the majority of clans I joined having lots of inactive players and the leaders joining not doing anything about it.

Why did I do this you ask? Simple. I’m a competitive person and enjoy putting in hard work and seeing results.

The clan has filled out quite nicely and our rank is steadily rising. We gained 30 places in the last season and finished at 276.

Im very happy with how Mech Corp performing, we have a great core group who are on the same page.

Obviously we still get alot of players who join then don’t really contribute, that’s my fault for leaving the clan open with no level restrictions. In my defense, I will give anyone a chance, a rank 15 player that gets 10 wins a day is more valuable than a rank 5 player who does nothing.

So with that being said I decided to start a fresh post listing our expectations for any players that are interested in joining a serious clan.

Inactivity: This one is simple, the more you play the faster you and we progress. I know everyone had a life outside of here, I’m not asking for you to be constantly online. What I feel is reasonable is to login at least once a day, therefore the ruling on that will be 48 hours. Anyone not logging on for 48 hours will be kicked. Obviously exceptions will be made of you let me know prior.

Arena: Currently were aiming for 1000 wins per season. Its no big task, 6 wins a day from each member for 7 days will achieve that. You should be doing 5 a day minimum anyway for arena coins.

Titan: This one’s a bit trickier as its ever changing. First we need tickets, you get rewards based on the amount of tickets you get but it caps out quite early, so one person getting all the required tickets is a waste of rewards for everyone and their own energy which could be used for farming. Its better to divide the required amount across all of us so we all get the maximum reward for them. So if you’re unsure of how many you should get, divide the required amount by 24, that’s your goal.

I believe the same principal applies for the Titan, so divide its maximum energy by 24, that’s how much damage you should be aiming to do.

I think this covers everything.

If you have an interest in joining us leave a message on here or pm me and I will contact you when the next available space opens.



I will join with my alt soon… just won’t reveal the name of it so it’ll be a surprise.


And I’ll try to pick up any slack just in case anyone in clan needs a day off I can take care of wind for that day


Awesome, would be good to have you on board, especially with the amount of SM knowledge you have, let me know when you’re ready and I’ll make a space


Appriciated. The dream is to get to the point where all 24 members equally contribute so nobody has to put in extra.


His alt is Winz_Kay 2.0



jk, I changed the names quite a while back


My alt would like to join too: TranDrive


Are you the leader?

I must say that you are a very good leader. Your rules are not very hard and through the way you write, is notice that you are a self-critical and understanding person.

Good luck with your clan!


I’ll let you know as soon as a spot is open.


I am.

Thank you, that was such a lovely message.


Good rules Lowkey, easy enough to follow. 6 wins doesnt take long at all, I try to get 5 in the morning and 5 at night, since it does get a little tedious if you try to do too many at one time. You should win about half of your fights if you are at your proper rank, most you would have to fight most days is maybe 15 battles. Here are some tips on how to make it easier. When choosing your mechs in the selection screen, wait a moment and inspect what he has. If you can tell he is leaps and bounds ahead of you, just bow out, dont waste your time. If he looks slightly more powerful than you, give it a try, you cant see what his mods are like. And obviously, take every battle that puts you up against an equal or weaker opponent. Also, like I said, it can get tedious to fight. Get on in the morning, at night, during a break, whenever you feel like it, and fight a couple battles. You can easily play on your phone by downloading the puffin app. Don’t think about how many wins you need in a week, just fight when you can, it goes quickly once you actually work on it.


20-30 minute daily login: Collect daily login reward, do your raid, get three arena wins, fight 2 boss missions, buy 5 silver boxes, upgrade an item. This completes all your daily quests, upgrades your mech, and gets half the day’s wins.


As for me lowkee, I normally get 70 wins a week, but sometimes I cant get on for a couple of days, I try to catch up on the days I am online.


I tend to do a whole bunch just to see what sort of mechs people are using, see how mine fares against them. I’m starting to recognize weapons by sight now which is a great help.


If we can get a full clan of active fighters, we could potentially get 2000 a week. Take that in, a premium box every week. Be real nice


I know I’d sure do 12 wins a day for a premium box


We would need a lot of wind witch I don’t mind doing mine and fighting a like more to make sure but we all need to get the wind we need


2000 is far, far away. One thing at a time, lol


Always remember, its like voting, you’re not trying to get 1000 wins, you are helping 24 people get 42 wins each