Mech Corp III (20 characters)

You have seen what we did with Mech Corp, its now a rank 15 clan with some great players.

Join Mech Corp III today and be apart of our community!




Why not, did such a great job of it first time. Mech Corp was rank 15 last time I looked.

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@BURN-BABY-BURN Don’t just like it, join it!


maybe one day???

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Will you leave Trolls fast then

1 decade later there would be Mech corp 1269😂


@AURAINTEGRA I think if we keep growing as well as we have been, we can have enough community members to assemble one super clan to challenge the number 1 spot.

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No, the top 123 positions :wink:


Shameless bumping, yeah that’s right.

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mech corp 3 already wtf


mech corps 2 is kaput with rando as leader

i think

@Super_Yeeter is going to try gain control and have a go at running it.

We’re still recruiting. We currently have 21 spaces but they will go quick so get in now whilst you can.

Alright, got 6 new members, none from any other MC clan.

I’ll be online for the next hour or two if anyone wants to join!

And we’re full.

If you’re interested in joining, lemme know and I’ll put you on the waiting list. There will be a high turnover as I start the weeding of players that don’t quite make the cut.

Mech Corp III will be recruiting throughout the week.

I’ve decided it’s time to step it up a notch now. We broke top 100 pretty easily, now I want us getting back to 2000 wins a week for that extra chance of legendary items.

So, if you want the chance of gaining extra items every week and you’re not afraid of a little hard work then let me know.

You will need to be able to get at least 12 wins a day, every day. Participate in collecting tickets and fighting the titans.

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Hey can you login because I cant? I dont know whats happening I didn’t see anything about servers being down.