Mech Corp Community


And people me hs and beaing leader


do you want me to start recruiting? i can if you need


@S.E.I.Z.E That would be great, thank you.


I need a clan. . …


Join Mech Corp…@Lowkee…Hire this Man and Let him into your clan…(if you have space)


Thanks for supporting our clan and sadly, no. Not yet.

But @DANIEL_GOSSETT, do you make 6 wins daily? If so we can maybe make some space for you.

You could also reside in our supporting clan Mech Corp II, where future Mech Corp-ers train with their daily wins, and mechs. Currently there’s SO much players in Mech Corp II doing little to no wins at all.


if anyone gets kicked and there is a spot for a rank 10/9 player add me


Right now I am making 8 wins daily


That’s better then!



Mech Corp II is recruiting!

Requirements are 5 wins daily.


I do upto 10 per day when i am at frenzy.


Oh ok I will start doing that :sweat_smile: I have only been getting four i think


Idk why i have kept this topic on watching ???.


Obviously you’re waiting for your chance to join.


he saw through my plan too…


When you reply for first time on any topic system set it on watching :wink:


Oh btw I can’t get my wins today :sob: sorry, I have a baseball game (4:30 pm to 7:30 pm) + homework. I will go on if i can, but also my first priority is titan tickets and raid for tokens and clan tokens (for prem box) and I also got to bed at 9:00 pm. That also might be the case for tomorrow too, same reason.


No system sets it on tracking…i too remmember it setting to watching lmao


@Pavic just wanted to let you know I can’t get all my wins today, I think I might be able to get them tomorrow but no promises (I am going on a four hour car ride to tahoe straight after school)


No problem :slight_smile: Thanks for informing me!