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Yes i did sry for being bad leader


@GODMOD2004 Don’t be silly, it’s time consuming enough running one account, let alone two.

Just try keep on top of kicking inactives for now then soon as @pavic gets leadership you can go back to getting silly amounts of wins for us.

Also, did you set the clan to invite only? I think I may end up sending @DarkJailu and @w4rd0g if they don’t start hitting minimums.


@LowKee i did and ok, ya i miss getting 150 wins a season, but that was way back in rank 10… i made rank 6 this season…


@GODMOD2004 Damn, very nice! Keep up the good work. I’m hanging around rank 7-8


Wow u keepd doing good man


Hey I need a new anti-energy mech, what should I do? I have every torso except armors and vests, every legs except rollers (both kinds). I have most e-m weapons and a lightning scope. I have all the drones except greedy, the heat version, long rangers, and dustmaker series.

How do I go about doing this?


U should ask the Viper or others…they rip 2 Energies apart…sadly for me


The viper??? 20chars


Also my last battle was vs energies and I got totally trashed :frowning_face:


He Runs 2 phys and got a medal like 2 weeks ago. Phys is best to counter energies. U need like 700 Cap and decent regen in one and like 600 in the other… can still be rounded with enough cooling.


So I’ve got one with about 400 cap and decent regen and one with 200 cap and terrible regen, both meant to be antiheat/phys. What do I do?


Well Count in your luck or go to max some modules…modules are the Base.


I could switch my first to antienergy because it’s got dual anni’s…


Sorry but its friday and im not in the place to give advice :wink: but try that out. Its all about testing. U may explore something new. That is my approach.


Good luck lowkee. U got this


@GODMOD2004 You’re doing great!!! You’ll get the hang of it, we support ya :blush:


@WinzKay thank you and with u all haveing my back we will all grow stronger


Mech Corp is recruiting.

Must be able to get 6 wins a day, every day minimum.


Happy to be a part of Mech Corp ll! Players are friendly, and pretty active! Could we start recruiting though? I will if needed. And if so what should the requirements be? Maybe rank 16 minimum?, and 3 wins a day at least?


Yes im tryimg to recrut but im bad with words