Mech Corp Community


No, come join Bound to Black instead :wink:

jk, Join Mech Corp, they deserve to be a High clan


strong text Did you still with reclutement ?


We found someone eventually.



Another spot just opened up guys.

If you’re interested in joining, search Mech Corp in game then apply to join.


Thanks, i´ll search for Mech Corp , if im on league #13, dont worry, I´ll go up tomorrow

I´m Mexican, so my english is bad af, but if u want, translate this:

Gracias, buscaré Mech Corp, si soy liga 13, no se preocupen, subiré mañana.


Just checking in feller


oh no better keep mech corp at bay, btb-ers theyre onto us


What’s a btb?


u dont know… btb?!

its the most powerful clan ever! no other clan can withstand its dominance and pure muscular strength


Blowing tiny bubbles?


u dare mock the most powerful clan ever?!

well u were close, its bound to black


It looks like (at least in this previous week) that Reign Reforged is top, most powerful (Not btb)


correct, but incorrect


??? 20 stupid chars…


@Pavic @GODMOD2004 Set the clan to invite only please and let me know when you next kick an inactive.

I’m going to start clearing out Mech Corp of players that don’t make minimums. They can either go to Mech Corp II or find another clan.


I cant set anything yet. Still waiting devs to give me leadership.


For 2000 wins you could get a…


In Mech Corp II we cant go for 20k coins lmao.


Did @GODMOD2004 kick those inactives out yet?


There are 4 players that are inactive for 2 days or longer and few players that are inactive for 1 day.