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Hello all,

I’ve decided to start a fresh thread for Mech Corp following the recent opening of ‘Mech Corp II’.

Before I go any further I want to thank all the current members of Mech Corp. For two weeks running we’ve amassed over 2000 wins netting us a free Premier box. Week in week out you guys make me proud. Last week we hit rank 26, I thought we would be stuck around there for a while but this week we got to rank 20 which shows we’re all getting stronger. Keep up the good work everyone.

I’d like every current member of Mech Corp and Mech Corp II to join this post, let the other members know about it and encourage them to join the forums and get a group board setup for Mech Corp II and one for both.

For the new members of Mech Corp II, we’re very happy to have you aboard and I will endeavour to do my best to bring you the same success Mech Corp is having. Just know it will be a very slow process but if you persevere and stick with us, it will be worth it in the long run.

To anyone interested in joining our community, feel free to post here, speak to any of our members ingame or send me a message.

Thanks all.


Mech Corp

Mech Corp II


is it just me or is mech corp about to dominate the top ranks?
heh, too good to be true…


I feel we still have a long way to go, I mean I know we’ve nearly cracked top 20 but the difference in arena points between 20 and 1 is massive.

Myself personally, just got to rank 7 in the Arenas, and that’s taken me a fair few months.

We will get there, it’s just going to be a slow gruelling climb, but with the work everyone of our members are putting in, we will get there before any other clan around our rank.


be careful with the power clan tho.
and yes, it will be a slow climb but by my estimate, you guys will be in top 10 in around autumn.
shit im running out of likes


Goodluck guys ! :smiley:


Thank you very much @ArmaKaiser


Wanted to join i am Rank 3 :wink: but i cant leave my old clan.


Appriciate the love @AURAINTEGRA

If it doesn’t work out where you are now, let is know.




Eyyyyyy, Mech Corp Top 21 Eyyy…I see BTB…Eyyy

You’ll Reach Top 10 soon just like BTB did…I have hope in your clan…

as always, Nice one Lowkee


I will leave BTB and join mech corp II, let’s see whos higher now :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Go on then…Become a Traitor to BTB just like Winz…


Nah he a traitor to you only :dab:


Are you sure bout that?



There’s nothing you can do to change that


We currently have an opening in Mech Corp.

Were looking for an active player that can help us get 2000+ wins for the third season running, so you need to be able to get between 6 and 12 wins a day, every day.


Holy damn…das a lot…


Naaaa, we all do it.


Don’t be shy now, surely one of you must be sitting in a clan thinking to yourselves “Damn, if everyone else did as much as me, wed be top rank”.