Mech Compartment new Item in side/top weapon place

Hello ,

How about adding Compartment that allows you 2 extra items (heat/energy/iron plates modules)

you can place that compartment in any slot on the top or side weapon slot.

it does not add weight to the mech.

-utilities drone, charge, hook, tele
Choose one
And, does it cost anything? Weight, -energy or heat cap, etc?
As for now I don’t like it.

first off, utilities are hook, charge, teleport and drone… plus shield which right now there’s none

it’s trash… unless you want to equip a 2nd hook so i’d say no… no thank you

I meant Modules.

The idea behind it is like , lets assume you only want to use 2 weapons and still have extra unused weight . instead of adding a weapon you will never use , you use that space for more modules by adding a compartment in any weapon slot.

and when I said it does not add weight I meant that it will increase space but not the max weight allowed

oh, so not utilities but mods?
i kinda like this except that then i realize people could equip like 1 blade and then just add a ton of hp and mods making them powerful yet only being able to do so much dmg

pretty original tho