Mech choosing screen

I haven’t been able to choose my mech line up in the arena for the past two days on mobile…

It freezes on the vs screen for 30 seconds and the fight begins …

Another issue is it froze after a win and couldn’t get the premium reward and lost my 9 arena points…

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@Mohadib the bug is back


I still can’t see the mech selection screen before a fight…

It costs me :confused:

Yeah me too

Can I have your ID numbers?

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Still can’t choose FYI

Still not able to select my line up…

Anything I might try on my end?

Still can’t choose my mech on mobile…

Wrote to support…still no answer


I logged into your account and I was able to change them.
Is it possible to take a video what you are experiencing?

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@Sarah247 he meant after/during the battle search, when you click “Fight” in the arena, and it found an opponent :exclamation:

There he cannot choose his 2 mechs out of the 3, he have to play his first 2 :exclamation:


It was the before fight, choosing 2 out of 3 mech screen…
Got an email from support, an update on ios was done and it seems solved!

Thanks for your help!

Perfect! Glad to hear!

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