Mech Builder Room

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Have you thinking about your dream mech?
And start thinking to build your mech?
But you are moneyless to build your mech?

Don’t worry, We have solutions for you!
It’s called " Mech Build Room ",A room where you can build any mech do you want, This room is totally different with Workshop Room, This Room has full access to all items in game, You can assemble any parts to build your mech and you can build your dream mech in this room,

But, You can’t bring the mech to fight.

Mech Builder Room and Workshop is totally different,

While the Workshop was used to build mech and fight each other,

The Mech Builder Room was used to build mech with full-access to all items for free, but you can’t bring it to fight, don’t you read before?

The Advantages of This Mech Builder Room maybe simulating your next mech including details, study about the mech and maybe a better way not to get bored.

I Think this idea should be unlocked when Player reach level 20 for understanding items purpose
I Hope this idea would help the Player in game and boredless way to fun, If there’s anything wrong or the idea is not good, Please review me.



Basically it would be training room to try out builds?

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I think this is a great idea

it would be frustrating, as always. I know how could be my mech with PP, or a possible heat mech. But, if you dont have the right items is just useless

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Like some kind of ‘‘test and train’’ room?
I like that!


What’s the point of having an all-powerful mech without being able to fight with it? I think you should be able to fight other people’s mechs with this builder room to test your mech but you won’t gain anything.

Imagine maxxed mechs everywhere in the arena, that would be hell to play normal

It seems that he did not understand well … this room will serve for people who say “Oh I have an idea for a mech but I want to see how it would be … or wait with the salon I can do it!”

I meant that you can only fight other people who have used this room to build a maxed mech.


Thanks for your suggestion,The ideas would be helpful on training your mech as what do you say.

Great idea, But I think i will create false hopes for people(such as obtaining premium items such as the claw, valiant,abomination,desert fury,flaming scope and so on).