Mech build idea


i was thinking of mech with dual desert fury and dual bloodweep, like a mass drain mech


Armor annihilator would work too


If they were not underpowered items it would work, but sadly they dont make the cut…


I suggest dual Desert Furies and Dual Annihilations. The Annihilation does more damage and drains 15 resistance which is also a decent amount.

Use Annihilations twice and you can drain 30 resistance.

Desert Fury= -24 resistance
Annihilation= -15 resistance

15+15+24+24 = 78

With a build like this, 78 resistance is drained. And with Annihilations doing high-damage you can crush your opponents in no time.


Annihilation is low range tho


Not gonna work mate. I tried, even adding greedy drone. Point with big drainers like desert or bloodweep is to have a high dmg weapon beside. You drain, once done you hit the big gun (like nightfall for example) and the damage is massive.
Bloodweep is useless since its range is similar to nightfall. Desert is perfect for this job since it doesnt overlap range with other usefull/more powerfull weapons. Dual desert fury and dual nightfall build works quite good.