Mech build help


that’s my current mech and i can’t seem to win!

any advice?



i hope you are not a rank 1-5 player trying to fool others.

well; it seems that you have all 4 weapons with just pure power. top 2 weapons(heat penetrator,1knockback and missile launcher behind that hat,2 knockback) just pushes your enemy out of range. try weapons with pull (rear hit mega mark or something). most of the time 2 devastation swarms win the match ;provided you can put your enemy in 2-4 range. also use a weapon in 1-3 range with 1-2 knockback. hope this is useful


Take off ya 2 heat weapons and leave ya rocket launchers on there then add more health to ya mech


And some more heat as well


I’ll give the same recommendation I give everyone…

Wait until the Mid-August “Economy update” to see if you’d still like to play the game.

Nearly every single item and the way to obtain them will change. :slight_smile:


no im like 1000 lol…

never really got into this game because i picked up bd :stuck_out_tongue:


Get rid of the top weapons, add more health. Maybe a bit more cooling. It all depends on your rank. If you want, add rear hit mega mark. Get rid of one of the rocket modules, since 70-80 is enough most of the time, even in top ranks


I’ve tried to re create your mech with the items you have. I added some items that you’re able to get sometime on normal boxes :slight_smile:

Protip: When going to the higher ladder battles, you really would need 100+ cooling (Especially using USA Mark I). Infact, sometimes even 100 isn’t enough, you would mostly need 115 to 120 cooling.


  • USA Mark I
  • Steel Barricade
  • Any Dual Swarmers
  • Teleport Mark 1 ( Important ) and Harpoon Mark 1 ( Also Important )
  • Regeneration and Cooling Module ( Ones that are +21 energy plus cooling )
  • Any Heat Control Marks ( Would be much better to use Ultra Cooling Module if you one )
  • Rear Hit Mark ( Physical or heat but electric? would be not as good as the others )
  • Any Heat drone that doesn’t require rockets ( since you’re gonna use only 1 rocket storage )

I suggest using either any other mythical torsos (except Diamond Shell) other than USA Mark I, dual swarmers w/ USA is only efficient when you have the right items why? Due to its very low cooling so you would mostly need 2 Ultra Cooling Mods or 3 Heat Controlers like this one:

Here’s a video of some USA Best Builds in my opinion (By @kingblinks ):

I am no way advertising. This is only meant to be for educational purposes.Pwis downt hurt meh :c


USA is the best hull i have right now…


energy shields are good .try 3/4 cooling+regeneration module, 175+energy. check out which energy shield
is more suitable for you(personally i use energy shield mark 7 or 11 depending on economic energy usage or shield strength; the choice is yours to make)


anyone want to play my new and improved?

my ign is Typhoon Dragon