Mech Audit Request

Would appreciate any tips on improving my mech. I do know I should change torso to Zac. Any other advice community?


I’d reccomend you to start with Zarkares, it’s the best torso for players without mythical HP plates, that is also my case.

For legs, if you are going with explosive mech, Devouring Pawns are the best explosive legs.

You can also try getting rid of those items image image image, they wont help you so much. take it off for another HP Plate.

Now the bigger problem, you need an explosive knockback weapon, like Abomination/Reckoning, unfortunately they are all premium items… So if you are having much problems with people at low range i reccomend replacing this image with that: image

That is all for now…


I seem to use the teleport at times against physical mechs or even other mechs that I know I can overheat that turn. It allows me to get to the max range of my supreme cannon and push the other mech out of range of most their own weapons.

I hesitate to remove the savagery as it’s my main long range wep to overheat mechs.

Regarding pushback, I do have a magma that combined with supreme cannon gets me out of 1-3 range weps

I have only one heat capsule in use and the difference in weight with another HP plate is too much with my current items. I am at 1000 weight in my current setup.

P.S thank you for the advice KiliN


Oh so it’s mostly based on distance… It changes my mind about the weapons. i see a great physical counter if you replace Annihilation with Terror Cry and Repulser, so you wouldn’t need the teleport that much and could invest in the modules. Electrics would still be a thing thought.

Everything have to be tested, i think i’m actually very far from your ranking so i don’t know the kind of opponents you usually get.

I didn’t think about the terror cry/repusler combo, that may be a decent way to go. I wonder though about how it would affect situations where I am forced to fight at range 1. I would not have any weapons besides my legs to deal damage in such a scenario.

Edit: I noticed that Zak is 17 weight heavier than my current Windigo. That will change up calculations as well for what I can carry. Devouring paws is also 3 weight heavier. So I will be looking at a net 20 weight heavier mech once if I switch both torso and legs.

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First change the leg into a heat leg that can upgrade to myth(scorching feet/devouring paws)
Than change the annhihation into terror cry like killin’s or change into abomination if you have
change savagery into desolation because it don’t cost energy.
Change windigo into brutality or zarkares if you want
My top player guide may help you :wink:

And I have a question, how to you got purple color without it is not a legacy item?

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No problem!
Stomp + Terror Cry = Opponent at range 3
Stomp + Repulser = Opponent at range 5

Always keep in mind, some players usually waste all their turns trying to use an specific weapon, in the most cases the weapon is Flaming Scope, or any Melee.

Don’t concern much about range 1, i’m sure having Terror Cry and being able to give 2 knockback per turn will save you much more than a strong 1-ranged weapon. :)

Starter Packs.


In the case where a mech pulls me into a corner pocket, I could double stomp correct. Does that make up the damage for not having a 1 range weapon?

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And modules is 3/4 heat module and 2/3 energy
rest plates or resist

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I see the reasoning for switching savagery for desolation in the cases where I am dropped to 0 energy, however I would be losing out on a significant max heat damage without savagery.

I will take a look at your guide, thank you

I am currently running 4 heat modules and 2 energy + 2 plates.

Also yes the purple came from starter pack legs.


That is always a problem, specially VS physicals, there are some tactics you can pratice to prevent 'em of trapping you, like using Hook when someone goes to the corner, so basically you will make your opponent to waste 1 turn.

Can also keep in mind, unless your opponent it’s using a legacy Hook they can only pull you once, so after your opponent use hook you can teleport away.

3 heat modules is enough
you will get 490 heat and 240 cooling
(2 heat engine and 1 cooling mass booster)

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I will drop the extra cooling booster once I am able to attain another heat engine. I also just put in the 2nd heat booster as it fit the 15 weight I had leftover after adding the annihilation and taking out resis

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i would probably switch legs for iron boots

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if I may, since you’re running Zark, why not two boosters + one engine? 401 heat + 280 cooling.

Saves on weight and you can focus on either stacking more plates or energy or a mix of them if you can.

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Right, this is why removing the hook on my mech is troublesome. Seems like I find scenarios where most of these specials come in handy to have. I’ll change out my torso/legs…and then see how I can figure out the weight to change my side weapon(s).

Thank you for the advice gentlemen.

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The master tip i can give you is: unless you have many premium modules or the most over powered premium weapons don’t try to destroy every type of mechs, make a mech that can wasly defeat Physicals and Explosives, ignoring Electrics for example. Winning 2/3 is enought to make you rank up.

Desolation is always better than Savagery!
when maxed Desilation can give much more damage than Savagery and also 10 Resistance Drain, that means +30 damage in the next turn.

No problem.

If i were you i would change the legs to something like devouring paws and get a crimson rapture if you can

I say replace savagery with desolation, and replace annihilation with terror cry or abomination if you get one