Meagre Rewards for PVP and Possible solution for a better PVP experience

Yes the gap is quite huge now.
Some it is huge between a legendary item and a myth item.
It is also huge between a lvl 10 myth and a lvl 50 myth, all in terms of stats.
Dial in the diference also of the items each mech has, modules specily, and that gap transforms into a sea.
You if you dont have what it takes, you get run over without even puttin a decent dent into you opponent(500hp dmg).
For example, a lvl 40 legendary build, is around 1300-1500 hp, the same build at lvl 50 myth, is 2000-2300 hp.With the gap damage of legendary - myth wepons(lvl 40-lvl 50) beeing of around 100-150 dmg.
Ofcourse you will get trashed.
But Tin is right, we wait in que for 30 s, and another 20 s between loading, and analizis of situation by oponent before he quits, results in the dominating player loosing a full min.
Also, you deny me the reward.Really, can’t you just like wait a move or so? So that i don’t completle waste 1 min.
An average full fight now last around 3-5 mins.
Now dial this into 1000 battles, and sum it with a % of 30-40% quits.This means 600 battles fought, and 400 quits.
This ads up 40 hours of fighting time(we assume you win them all), that generate 1,020,000 gold.
And 7 hours of wasted time, in witch you get nothing, instead of maybe getting half the reward, that would generate me 340,000.
Just an ideea.
Not really fair.

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I feel like I’m struggling to get my point across here - I’m not looking for sympathy and neither am I trying to gloat. This is not a PTW vs FTP specific issue, although I raised it as a PTW player. Suffice to say that I agree with what you’ve said; I’ve been there, done that and I’m not blaming anyone for quitting. Well, actually I am blaming someone, I’m blaming the Devs so to speak.

What I am asking is, why should the winners of a battle be penalised when their opponent decides not to pursue the game? And yes, if your opponent forfeits the game, you win by default - whoever you are, with whatever mech you have.

Regarding your last comment, no doubt this does happen and I understand why. For me though it’s just counter-intuitive for the game to deny a player any reward(again could be me and my toxic OP mech or some guy fighting his first battle) because his opponent quit on him.

Till now i’ve just been complained, so here’s my suggestion:

Rather than the current 0 for no damage caused to 1700 gold for destroying the opposing mech we have in place, increase the reward payout to 500 - 2000 gold respectively for 1v1 battles. Experience can remain the same, because if you haven’t fought, then you haven’t gained experience. I can’t comment on 2v2 and 3v3 yet because i haven’t managed to play any yet, but I’d imagine it’s the same scenario - if not please chime in.

It took me a while, but i just realised something. That mechanic that increases box prices for every box you buy? Something similar is happening with the rewards for battles won. Possibly this is old news for most people here, and I’m the jackass that failed to realise that this is happening. But yeah, it is.

No matter your rank, at some point when you start racking up wins, your reward’ll go down drastically. In other words, you’re playing/winning too much, stop and go buy Tacticsoft’s gold.


yep, it was told by some1 here on forum, that once you jump the 50 win streack, you get less…and less and less.
I’ve been told is a balancing tweak so that you dont end up seal clubing…
The answer is simple, lose, drop the win streack and now you are making money again… up to 2 times more.
I dont PvP … cause let’s face it, it isnt worth it.
You make 50-60k gold tops in 1 h.
And the clan rewards, aren’t appealing, neither the 100k for single gold medal.

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So, the most profitable (so to speak) way to play the mech I built is to lose games (so that my reward counter resets), prolong games and draw out my wins (so the opponent doesn’t quit on me and I get the full reward) and farm campaign (because hey, that’s why I spent so much time/money on my inventory - to play against fatboy or whatever the final boss is called)…in essence, I’ve got to lose to win?

hahahahahhahahahahhaha…(weeps like a baby inside)

this is just my thought, i think you were over upgrading your mech, the game updated about 4 days ago and you already own fully myth mech, no wonder your opponent running away, they just don’t wont to get a crushing defeat.

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I’m not blaming them for it, but that’s not my point. The point is that if your opponent quits on you, you get nothing, just time wasted. I’ve edited my post as I’ve re-read it and I think it might not be clear enough, apologies for the confusion.

I guarantee people don’t quit if they face a roughly equal opponent. So queue Mechs based on their stats to solve the problem. Fully upgraded new mythicals can only queue into other new mythicals. Legendary mechs fight other legendary level mechs. Epics fight other epics.

As soon as you have 1 piece of mythical, you enter the ‘mythical’ bracket of enemies.

There’s your solution, and it encourages low level fair play and makes sure new weak players will only ever fight other new weak players. None of this outrageous mismatch of epic/legendary mix vs full new mythical.

Fix the system, and you’ll see the amount of preemptive quitters drop dramatically. Expecting people to fight your fully upgraded new pay-to-win mythical mech is just asking for quitters to deny your ability to use that machine.

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In fact, because many items can’t be upgraded to Mythical level at all, that solution would be a lot of fun to create a purely Epic quality Mech. Because otherwise those items that can’t even upgrade past epic are just complete and utter useless fodder clogging up an already over-taxed item limit requirement system.

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You know what, I started this thread originally because i was frustrated about the low or non-existent payouts i’m getting every battle I play - this coupled with the fact that the more you win, the less you’re rewarded pisses me off big time. But there’s another very real problem right now and i think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.

There’s a big issue with the massive gaps between players. There’s too large of a disparity between players - the old ranking system that was carried on into the new update is useless - it barely worked before, and is completely useless now that (some) items can be boosted to 150 levels. No matter how skilful a player is, if he’s facing an opponent will an all myth setup, even if he has maxed out legendaries, he’s not going to win. This is not fun for either player for obvious reasons.

Your idea or a version thereof is probably the best solution i’ve heard to date. The only issue I can think of is possibly increased searching times for battles with the reduced player base, because let’s face it - this update didn’t go down very well in general. But i think it would definitely be a step in the right direction and make PVP more playable and fun overall.

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I’m glad you agree, and I do sympathize with your plight.

Every time someone using epics/legendaries quits on me, it feels bad:

I get nothing, no reward, my multiplayer rank is already maxed out level 1 rating so I don’t need stars.

But my mech is only legendary quality with 1 or 2 mythicals that aren’t fully upgraded. Every time I see a full black new mech I have zero hope to even dent who can destroy my entire 300 energy reserve in a single turn, why should I stick around?

In the same way people below me always quit, I quit on those who are simply too far above me. The only games where neither side instantly quits is where both Mechs have a similar HP amount and weapon quality. I’ve never had someone with ~1500 hp and legendary weapons instantly quit on me, because that’s what I’m also using.

There’s no reward worth sticking around in a hopeless battle, and that’s where quitter behavior comes from. I’ll make a new thread talking more about this problem, but know that I agree with you that people quitting giving no rewards to the remaining player sucks. But the answer is not to reward the non-quitting player, because that is open to abuse where people just always quit because there are rewards for not even playing. The answer is to solve the underlying problem of what makes people quit: they have 800 hp and mediocre new stuff and face off against 2200 hp fully upgraded new mythics.

I doubt it will do any good, but I devised a new system to fix your problem, and several other problems, and detailed it in this thread here:

Will tacticsoft continue to update and support Super Mechs and implement good solutions such as this to solve underlying problems? We’ll see. Maybe this new update has destroyed their user base, they could just give up on the game entirely. That’s not exactly unheard of, but having played Super Mechs for many years, I would hope it hasn’t reached that low even after this update.


I agree what Tin Can said. I’ve won 5x3v3 , opponents quit and I got nothing. I get wins but no gold. And I think we all need gold these days.


Well what would you expect?
Seal clubing at its best, i agree you should not get reward for quiting. Its not beeing a coward if you have a knife and the other one has a tank.
That was WW1 mentality… when you had cavalery charges against pil boxes… the end result? Not a single survivor.
You still had some of that in WW2, when i think a polish Cavalery Regiment charged a Panzer division… because the Comander of the polish wad brave AF… end result… no survivors.
This is similar now… why should you get a reward for seal clubing? That is an abuse…
They should fix it so that we dont end up against OP mechs, nor do we end up OP against others.
I mean really it is about quality of fights not quantity… you want quantity… go for campaign… that is where you farm… not the PVP.

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