Me when I'm playing tennis competitions

I am this mech.

  • the battery armour is how I can hold on a good while, but when the game goes on I get so hot and stuff. Notice the energy module and how it affects the stats.
  • the rolling beasts is my mobility on the court, and they don’t need energy to run
  • the hammer is my racquet for propelling balls deep into the court
  • the sacrifice cannon is how I do pro shots but I end up getting really tired
  • the frantic brute is how I take risky shots, and sometimes get ahead of the opponent and take advantage, or fall back and be at a disadvantage
  • the charge is how I like to run up to the net to volley, taking the risk of being lobbed but being able to make good shots
  • the physical protector and plate is my toughness during the matches

Stuff that I couldn’t describe with items

  • the tougher people I play, the tougher I become myself
  • after playing for a while, I get really, good, especially my serves. They go from mediocre to smashing it and getting lots of aces.

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Alright I’m a claw energy free armor repulser recoiler hysteria build with only hp plates (oops I forgot dual sorrows as well)

hmm, so you have no energy and just stand around, and your shots are extremely easy to return. Sounds like you don’t play tennis.

No I’m just that way in general

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Me when I’m playing doubles though…

topics like this reminds me why devs don t pick ideas from this forum :))
no offence