Me when i receive 134 likes in TACTISOFT




Likes are meaningless

They don’t bring you joy

This meaningless hedenistic dopamine Hunting is no better than smoking

Might aswell post a pack of Marlborough gold regulars and say “I paid the price bithes”

Money vs wAsed time what’s the difference



Now i have 647 likes thanks to you :3


LOL 648 , Autocorrect


Come at me…


Come at me…


And now, whom is the person with the most likes? I bet it’s Sarah or Silverbox… Or Fluffeh.






1 Please fix your teeth.
2 Use an eye drop.
3 Comb your hair.


You do know it’s not me , Right ? Why don’t you search funny faces on Google Images , or just copy this image in your PC , and search with it on google images


4 You ever hear about a Joke?