Maybe best idea ever idk for sure

I have to make this quick im currently on run from FBI.

Ok idea is when you go into battle and its and pick your mechs and you have 3 choices. We already have 6 slots for mechs now. Why not you get to chose from all 6

This way everybody have to make 6 mechs instead of 3 :slight_smile:

Best idea ever or not ?


But we don’t get to see all six of what the opponent has.

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No that is not part of the deal…

You clearly see other guys mechs :-0



A portal must be needed if this thing get implemented or its the update thats gonna shuts the game down for good

What we need a portal for ? Where do you even go to get one of them ? a portal to where ? so many question about this portal

Did you time travel here ?

Do you know if FBI catch me or not ?

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I meant the portal that compensate the players that didnt have time to prepare for this huge forced 3v3 update , like the last item mania portal , or perhaps you were joking

So you not answer about the portal and time travel…thats a little akward :slight_smile:

but i never say 3-3

Idea was we already have 6 slots … why not chose from what you have…you play any 2 of the 6 you want

my apology , though idea is if there we have 6 mechs in total , 3v3 would be a prettier number plus making battles longer and amusing and required more resource management skills instead of just stack every single OPest item on a 2 mechs and get easy wins

I like the idea of 6-6


then a portal that would last atleast a week with a great drop rate is needed , sadly managing this is really hard and needed great planning or the game is gonna collapse from angry players quitting the game

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Actually,I think that’s a pretty good idea.
Maybe it would add some more skill and thinking to the overall luck-induced arena.
And…Why not add a 3v3 as well if we’re still at it?


Lol nonsense idea. Forcing 2v2 is already bad enough… what is this 6v6 nonsense?

You only posted this for bait… also your FBI run story is fake.

Sure I would love to see three to four superfluous mechs that no one will ever fight in battle .

All we need is 6 vs 6 :exclamation:


Jokes beside, as @HappyPoppers suggested it sound good, lets choose form more than 3 mech-slots :exclamation:

Also with this update it would be possible to bring back 3 vs 3 as @L4K3 said correct …


the FBI “story” is true :exclamation:


3v3 combined with @HappyPoppers’s idea of showing all 6 mechs would be a beast.
Imagine just how awesome would the actual gameplay be!
Not just fun and controversed but it would also require brains to it and it would exclude the ‘‘won just because of good items’’ battles (aka smurfs fights).


not 6-6 but im not against that…

but showing all 6 slots we already have and you chose from that for the 2-2

Also, i go to lawyer in a few mintues :frowning: That stroy 100% true.

you were again around with cp?

Never :slight_smile: