Maybe add an expert mode in campaign 🙃

So, I was thinking about maybe adding a new mode to the, well campaign.
Expert mode. So, every expert level completed, you can get a premium box with a higher chance for a legendary. But since expert level will be like hell to complete, this is why I decided on the reward being a premium box with… eeeh maybe 80% chance for a legendary. And not those crappy rewards like… cough cough THIS.
You see what I mean?
So the basic meaning to this topic is…
If you complete expert mode, you can have a high chance for legendaries.
If you decide to farm on the levels on this difficulty, on first completion is it a 100% chance for a premium box. Boss levels on expert mode can give you a 80% chance for a legendary. Normal campaign would be 40% (I know I didn’t mention it but bare with me.) Now, boss levels. Take BigBoy for example, instead of having 2200 hp, he would go up to 2600 - 2800 hp. With about 600 heat and energy.
If you decide to farm on these levels, like I said, 100% chance for a premium box ON THE FIRST COMPLETION.
If you keep doing campaign over and over again, the chance for these premium boxes are 20 - 30 percent.

I think I made a good idea for once. Pls give me a pat on da back ;-;

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I like the idea, but it’ll only be done by rank 1 bois. Other than them, it will be impossible.

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I did say other campaign levels…
Well I guess I should put up the stats for the mechs in Expert Mode.


1300 hp
Normal Resistance
350 Energy
150 Regen
200 Heat
100 Cooldown


1300 hp
Normal Resistance
200 Energy
100 Regen
350 Heat
150 Cooldown


1600 hp
250 Energy
125 Energy Regen
250 Heat
125 Cooldown
Normal Resistance

What they should be doing is making the item portal loot tables L+M items ONLY. Instead of this C/R/E crap that goes to leg/myth.

It’d be much better with the current odds of getting a leggy.

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Looks like every campaign mech is rank 13 or higher. I guess it could be done if you have some good counter weapons and high damage. I also agree with Transcendant, we need L-M stuff or maybe

30% chance for Epic
50% chance for Legendary
20% chance for Mythical.

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I like having alot of epics tho

Yes, lets feed the top players more and more legendaries while further increasing the paywall gap, while free players who don’t have top tier mechs continue to get shit legendaries, or none at all

That doesn’t make sense. Expert Mode is from rank 13 to 1. Even people who is f2p, they could still get somewhere with this.

Who can beat this? (who below rank 4?)

I said for EXAMPLE.
BigBoy is just an example.
I did say all the other levels as well, meaning Ramboy.
Or just any other easy levels.

Nah, change the energy mech to 1900 health, heat to 2200, and phys to 2600 along with doubling their heat/energy/regen/cooling and tripling their resistance.

Your current stats are worse than insane.

Oh ok.