Maybe a HeatBomb Type Drone?

I was thinking of a drone that could do mass heat damage (and maybe mass energy damage) doing like no damage but higher heat damage than the others.
I was thinking of this
18 Weight
8 - 10 damage
140 heat damage
100 heat cost
Yeah I don’t know xd

oh hell naw :confused:


Give a reason pls

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Sht my grammar.

The drone will might take a battle for too long.
And also that would be annoying.
Soo that’s a no.

EMP drone then :upside_down_face:


Pls don’t.

NO heres stats
1 energy draining
1000000000000000000 energy usage
1 weight

not super bad looking to me, due to the cost, but the damage would probably need to be lower. Though it would take multiple turns a heat build would end up in charge. Let alone an anti heat phys getting a handle on this thing, might be gross. Maybe make it like, 80 heat damage with 7 cooling damage 80 Heat cost

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are you people kidding?

the point of heat bomb is its only single use.

this is a very silly thing to suggest.

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also, keep in mind if they ever did do this they would definitely add an energy version and for some reason everyone hates it when the same standards are applied for energy as heat so, yeah, consider that when lending support to this suggestion.

Well thats true (o_o; )


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Make it one use. Like Faceshocker, make it you have to activate it again.(holy crap… I’m having a blank… it’s called faceshocker right?)

Maybe 2 uses is more balanced

Make it one use :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an idea like this before. In max mythical stats :

Heat Bomber
45 weight
5-26 explosive dmg
+102 heat dmg
-3 energy cost (It’s a heat drone that can deal heat as much as CL, what do you expect? No energy cost?)
+74 heat cost (starts at 49 heat cost)

As well as an EMP drone version :

EMP Flyer
50 to 55 weight
5-26 electrical dmg
-100 energy drain
-79 energy cost (starts at 52 energy cost)
-5 heat cost

The EMP Flyer’s stats are worse than Heat Bomber’s stats because it’s gonna be overused.

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no … i disagree …

Isn’t Swoop/Squinch already for that ?

Windforge/Crow/Faceshocker ?

I mean ones that do a hell lot more