May be the best way to nerf EMP


So we can only say “yes” or “no” to what you wrote? You aren´t the moderator or the owner of this topic. Only the moderator on forum can say if what is written here is about the topic or not.

If you want to have the ability to moderate a topic and say what people can discuss or not, can write or not, open your own blog.


Beside that your post’s content makes no sense, it is also totally off-topic :exclamation:

If you have no real arguments about the topic, read my facts I wrote in the last post from me about the topic, maybe that helps you :exclamation:



So let me give this right back at you:

You state all those things from YOUR point of view.
So I ask once again:

Where and when did you receive the authorization to say that YOUR point of view counts for the point of view from the majority of players?

That is not something that comes from any stats you write about, any thoughts you have about the topic.
That auhorization can ONLY come from the majority of players themselves.
And you did not recieve such an authorization.

As such you write just about YOUR own thoughts and assumptions.

And as such you do exactly what I already stated:


How about make it more like a real EMP. Reduce your energy to 0 (doesnt matter if you had 800 capacity or just 200). And the next turn it regenerates to the max and not just your regen. So in the case of a 800 energy cap it reduces it to zero so if you have no energy free weapon you basically lose a turn. And im not sure which would be better if it would regenerate to the max at the same moment when the original regeneration happens or wait one another turn for your opponent and then… so you’d be a 100% sure that you can use your weapons that require energy consumption.

This way you dont have to carry more and more energy engines because the energy gonna be zero for one turn anyway. And the next turn its just the enemy’s good old energy weapons which can not reduce nrg in that fast rate. And the biggest problem with the EMP is that you can’t recover from it and this way you could actually.

Not sure if its a good idea but I think it could be interesting.


This weapon I believer be L-M not E-M I don’t want it to be in goat tournaments. It will mess up the way the tournaments are.


@Mohadib @SilverBox @jonny


P.S.: @CloudedSunrise as I predicted you are not able to see that you are wrong and you would going on with your senseless arguments forever - have fun with - I am right about people are able to see things not only from their own view :exclamation:



@bestplayerintheworld does NOT speak for us (as she declares) because she has not asked us first if she is allowed to claim to speak for us.

I COMPLETELY AGREE with bestplayeroftheworld!!

NERF EMP so we get rid of energy mechs for good and free up space for more platinum plates
NERF CLAW so we get rid of other mechs but those with platinum plates for good

NERF EMP AND CLAW so physicals with 1kg teleports and energy shields reign supreme!!!
BUFF SERAPH so physicals are stronger!!

GO TEAM PHYS :exclamation::exclamation:
GO TEAM PHYS :exclamation::exclamation:
GO TEAM PHYS :exclamation::exclamation:

I support you bestplayeroftheworld!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Is is sarcasm???
It seems like you are trying to troll

I completely agree with nerfing the claw and emp, although I’m not sure about those last parts…


Yeah, Asa’s just trolling, if I recall he/she has some weird grudge with Besty.

ain’t it fun


No it’s not sarcasm…

I’m a legacy physical mech player too so these two nerfs will greatly benefit me.

GO TEAM PHYS :exclamation::exclamation:

edit: grammer


I see no insults, only because you do not like the fact that the EMP is way to OP, doesn’t mean, topics will be closed :exclamation:

I see not 1 reason for :exclamation:




My definition of one’s situation has 2 points.

  1. The external situation = The things you can see from the outside. Those include the stats that you post.
  2. The internal situation = The things you cannot observe but have to be told by the person like feelings, mindset and opinion of the person himself / herself.

As such you cannot speak about anyone’s situation without having confirmed that person’s internal situation.
Therefore speaking about other people’s situations and making suggestions how to improve them is only possible AFTER you have spoken to all those people.

What you are doing is taking the posts in the forum and project those opinions on the majority of all players.
But you never confirmed if that projection is actually viable by confirming the internal situation of the majority of all players.

That is the point I am talking about.
There is a fine but very important difference between phrasing things as “I speak for the majority of all players” and “I think I speak for the majority of all players”.

Everyone can use the 2nd phrasing because everyone can think and assume what is in the interests of others but that is just their assumptions and not a confirmed fact.
However the 1st phrasing can only be used by someone having actually spoken and listened directly to the majority of all players in the game.

Yet you continue to ignore this key content of my argument while trying to pull the attention on just the first sentence of that post while the important explanation to that sentence follows afterwards.
Can you tell me why?

P.S.: Let me quote the entire post to make the context understandable again.


As I told you …



TS made one of its worst decision when they nerfed seraph back when we cried because now players think if they cry long enough about something it will be nerfed.


so you think yourself an INTELLIGENT huh why cant others be intelligent while going agains nerf for claw or EMP


That is what people say when they have no correct answer and want to distract from that fact.
So in the end you do not answer those questions because you have no authorization to legitmize your claims about speaking for the others.

Just as I expected, the really selfish wone is you.

Btw. regarding your statement before:

First you should follow your own advice and admit your own faults and mistakes which you coninue to deny instead.

Second I am quite sure you know those kind of people quite well.
After all you see one every day in any object working like a mirror.


Not everyone can afford anti-elec, unfortunately. The difference between this and heat bomb is the fact that heat bomb cannot deal 400 damage to you on turn 2- and thats just my experience with the legendary version of this thing. But hey, I have no elec modules, my elec is trash i try not to pass judgement. I dont seem to be alone in these thoughts tho



Someone is mad and cannot take the fact …

I am pretty sure he will post again about - people like him can’t stop, because exactly that reason …
“not able to see that you are wrong” :exclamation:


Lets stay topic :

It is about a single item being WAY to OP :exclamation:

-619 Energy drain first turn possible using an EMP = OP :exclamation:

-471 Energy drain with a 27 kg weapon = OP :exclamation:

EMP way to OP … EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

If you like it or not, just a fact :exclamation:

My suggestion would be …

290 Energy Damage

:white_check_mark: best solution so far :white_check_mark:



What is this number tho? You keep saying it and I can’t find any sense in this. Because if you are talking about simply the EMP then its just 471 (with arena buffs). But if you are talking about an entire turn (two moves) then its 688. EMP and ash creator with the arena coin buff.

And I assume you were talking about the buffed version since the 471 nrg damage a line under is the buffed number with the arena coins.


It is the same thing as stateing that mercy hits for 500+ dmg… a fairy tale.
It might… if the stars align all the way… but in 99% they wont.
This is just whine and screams cause they dont want to change.