Maximum score of a Raid


Where they but is? Really? (wanna now who make that hack accounts )


There is no not so, but because he himself admitted to me that he bought a cheater account! Among the Russian learned that selling cheat accounts does onii-chan-3552. I have witnesses who can attest to it all!!! And all this I sent the team tacticssoft , but they do nothing against cheaters, both here and in the RAID!!!


I’m not going to publish the cheaters, I’m afraid that this topic can close-(


Write in pm please (20 char)


Screenshoots are never any prove (since 2 years), because tacticsoft changed it, that many players can have same in-game-name :exclamation:
So faking evidance is very easy, just with a simple in-game-name change :exclamation:

This way all can fake whatever they want …

  • pm chat in-game

  • battles

  • chat in battles

  • etc.

… only a video where you show the account infos of the one who wrote the text is a real prove :exclamation:



Look in summary) i am write that proof for niko) and he is write he bought that account and not first time in clan. Any way TS isn’t care about that…


Let’s stop, I don’t want this topic closed like so many others, we have a problem in the deception of the RAID, let’s get her to cover!


We can talk about it forever, but if TS (Sarah and Mohadib hi?) Isn’t make somethink that never changes.


And I cover nothing, just made clear what a clear prove is and what not :exclamation:
Because most of the players do not think about, that same in-game-name is possible :exclamation:

Liran told me once, that there are +100 “bestplayeroftheworld” in-game.



The best proof for you is when tacticsoft will prohibit anyone else, but this will not happen if silent=)



New Item Mania Portal & Addressing Key Issues with Updated PvP Arena

3 premium items,that rank,a non-maxed build,500 rubles account…
Cheating and buying/selling accounts with cheated items??
I would punch that guy.


A simple fix to see if these are actually cheats, is to allow replays for raids. =)


Great idea, @Sarah247 @Mohadib take the opportunity to view replays of the Raid=)


I doubt replays would work. Given that these guys seem to redo them multiple times (that or what I’m seeing is false).

You would need replays of every attempt. Which is doable, but this is TS. Imcompetency is their middle name.

Either way, I’m for the replay idea. That and said hackers/cheaters being watched.


Let them implement the ability to repeat attempts with the maximum score=)


Guys I don’t know how to run a vote for this idea if anyone can do it


That’s why I say it wouldn’t work very well. Because if the reply showed only one attempt, then they would purposely fail it then perfect it with their cheats and it wouldn’t be the one counted. Hence why they’d need to add all of the replays.

Which like I said is doable, but incompetence and “difficulties” wouldn’t allow for it to be a permanent thing.

(By difficulties, I mean it could be taxing on servers and probably break shit). But hey if they’re willing to try. Then I’m game.

Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!

They are not going to do anything … (this is what I think)


The same cheaters, @Mohadib @Sarah247 when you take action?