Maximum score of a Raid


We are see list where peoples make raid perfect in same time with you ( you make in 17:50 another one 30 sec after)


This can not go on like this!

If we make the same perfect score, without receiving damage, or receiving -1hp
Everyone, we should receive the same reward, not counting the place that the table places us.

It is stupid and unfair, that by playing at different times, be it for free time / time difference by country, we have more or less chances than others.

Do something, or at least give an honest answer about it! @Sarah247 @Mohadib :disappointed:


Because there are other factors that determine your position in ranking list. It may be amount of damage you have done, or number of attempts … I don´t really know what. But for some reason, if we have all done the mission without taking dmg, however we have different positions in the ranking (and different amounts of coins in reward). It shows much more the first day.

Therefore, it´s possible that those who go in the first 3 places have received damages like all of us, but for some reason they were placed first.

But we must also take in consideration other detail, we don´t all see the list in the same way.

*Common sense indicates that perhaps damage you have done and damage you have received, is subtracted. And that determines your position. And, if that were the case, we must bear in mind that weapons do not always fire with the same hit power.


No … same points are same points, there are no secret other points hidden :exclamation:

I dont wonder why you even about same points you search for some strange reasons :exclamation:

It is just a matter of time, when you play it - thats it :exclamation:





F U C K all, when all these cheaters will be killed??? The same scumbags…

@Sarah247 I spend tokens, gold, time, legendary items in order to make weapons and get the maximum score, but these cheaters spoil everything!!! Because of cheaters, many players do not get their tokens!!! If you are not able to fix the problem, I ask you to refund all tokens of honest players, all the screenshots I have from the beginning of the RAID, personally I lost more than 1000 tokens!!!


Oh can everyone shut up about cheaters, The developers have seen the screenshots you post every week. And I bet it’s all up to RNG not 4000 cheaters all going up against each other


you shut up winz… did you play the game? If you had just a little clue about weapons, items and how to play you won’t say this… These result are cheated, with the best set up you always take 1 damage. It’s normal that nagi come up every weeks with that because nothing was done…


Nobody insults my clan members, swine.


Bro, There’s a tactic to it but I can only do the first 4 correctly because I have an energy mech with a valiant sniper, the last two you need some sort of phys or heat mech or what’s it, don’t complain, your name itself makes you sound stupid complaining about cheaters. I just said the developers saw it and to stop posting. Stop complaining because you don’t see how they do the raid so perfectly


i just said you don’t know the items, i have all the items needed to try to reach a perfect you don’t…

I tried all the way to do it? you receive one damage whatever you do…

You are or naive, dumb or don’t know the game to defend that the perfect is possible on the 4th raid.



I can confirm, it is 100% correct :exclamation:

  • mathematically proven

  • practically proven

  • logically proven



It would be very crazy if you did not suffer damage by attack in the 6 days of raid that only the hacks do :v


Great input …

@Sarah247 and @Mohadib

  • the Item Portals sometimes close to unbeatable at Insane level

  • the Raid is SURE made to being able to beat all mechs without getting 1 damage


Or WE all can maybe admit that a perfect score is only possible, with the cheat / hack, someone posted :exclamation:


Thanks, I’m the master of the epic entries :v

Since nobody can get the perfect score for a raid like this the only way is hacking the game as much as possible to be able to win in addition to the minimum damage is enough to decrease your score so the only “logical” option that is that a couple of players use hacks

And at the moment it seems that managers do not give much importance to this issue something that is very bad :zipper_mouth_face:

You’re right betsy Maybe they use hacks to have a big advantage in the raid but we can not do anything about it until they are resolved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bloody fine then, Don’t go crying when someone finds the actual way and reveals it


@Sarah247 @Mohadib you are releasing new updates…it’s all good! But it’s time to release the update and fix it!!!


That and get everyone on the one site arrested or in trouble?

(That totally works too.)


Kiira used by @Killin … even more stealing tokens from other honest playing once … WOW

What’s the next step from that cheater :question:

Being in Top10 with 3 accounts :question:

  • using 3rd party programs

  • abusing the system

  • multi-accounting

  • stealing accounts

Congrat, great list :exclamation:


He even steal the kiira account lol