Maximum score of a Raid


and 10 minutes later


With every Raid their all more!!!


Maybe you will see Killin again


Thats good Killin, be a good player


Techno, if you need tokens, dont do that


i almost have 1000 tokens i have 800


i swear project bot is a hacker cause his mech suckes so how the #### is he always in the top 10


the only time he isnt is when he hasnt done it yet


This would be solved easily if we could see, the next day, the best battle of each player in the previous day. There should be replay.


yea that is a great idea :smile:


And we don´t have to do so much math! :smiling_imp:


The math for that is pretty easy, but even not needed, because the logic alone proves that perfect scores are not possible last tiers of the raid :exclamation:

So all it would need, honest devs, seeing and admitting, that the last weeks Raids were cheated …

  • and punishing them for cheating

… that would be the only way to stop the cheating at Raids :exclamation:

As everywhere in the world - sadly it is so - people cheat, when they know there will be no punishment for it :exclamation:

Easy as that :exclamation:


We need a fair and clean game

Happens is there are things that aren´t clear to me about RAID ranking list.

If A on the first day did a “perfect” and B the first day did “perfect” too, why does A figure on top of B? That is … not only does it take into consideration that it didn´t receive damage, but the amount of damage done?

So much has been said about this, that maybe this question has been asked before.


As I noticed, the one who go last stay above (with same score) :exclamation:

But ask @Fluxeon, he was sometimes first of all, with perfect score, he know for sure :exclamation:



I was the first, second and third day in place 2 with 400T. And I was even in position 1, once.

Now, those who were below (or above) had the same score, that is, they had all done the mission without taking damage, but … why do some of us have more coins than others or are we located in different places in the list? ?

Is the damage I have done taken into consideration for location on the list?


No … as I tried to explain above, the later (time) you play the Raid, the higher your position in ranking compaired to others with same scores :exclamation:


Yes that’s true I believe that’s why everyone does it at a later time


I always play in the morning, and sometimes I’ve been in place 2 until the next day. Even once I was in place 4 and about 20 hours later I had rised to 2.

I mean, it’s a rather odd ranking list.


I was place 7 in my list, but a friend didn’t see me in Top 10. And I never saw Wepwawet in Top 10 on the first days. The list isn’t the same for everyone…


Yesterday I was in the 4th. all day!!

That’s why I say, we may not see the list all in the same way.

However, if we all have the same score and we are in different positions, then it can mean that the first one has received damages, but there is another factor that makes him go first … I dont know if I explain myself … .