Maximum score of a Raid


Your own EYES. Not your eye SOCKETS. Just Eyes.


I don’t have eyes :slight_smile: Not true lol


Got the entire top ten cheating now. Lmao

(@Sarah247 There’s also this site that has hacks for supermechs, idk if it’s completely credible but I wanted to mention it).


It was alredy reported… sadly… still active and functional because of the above leaderboard.
4 weeks n counting.
Ps Anti-cheat measures… failed.
Pss: there are entire comunities that work on haks and exploits for SM, and other similar games. Main ideea is that SM will get further flooded by idividuals that use these things. Ending up a dead game full of cheats and low lvl noobish players.
What we see here is just the tip of the iceberg.


the devlopers did not do anything about anything i say


Where are all cheaters?


Wait a few hours, the system works like this, the later you play, finish the level, the higher your rank about players with same score :exclamation:

I am pretty disappointed that @Fluxeon and @KilliN uses also still (after weeks now) this cheat :exclamation:

A clear cheating with 3rd party programs to get MORE tokens than honest playing players, for their own advantage :exclamation:



Will there ever be justice? GIVE HIM THE BAN!


Hello Again, Raid isn’t yet fix? This was about 2 weeks ago? Developers can’t implement Encryption? Seriously?


they really dont do much i think some time they forget about stuff


Im a lazy developer. But if I have bugs, error, glitch, crack or anything, I will fix even if I dont sleep :laughing:


This is a long time agoo :sheep:


you are really a developers :open_mouth::astonished:


Yeah Im a front end developer. In my opinion, back end developer have heavier jobs, because manage a lot of data, SQL, query, php, phyton.


oh i beleve you ok so how hard are you guys working


Many creative industries growing up. Developers, absolutely me must learn a lot of things. Now Im learn React Native, hybrid, framework for mobile apps (iOS, Android, smart watch, website). Thats fun, because you can compile your code instantly :laughing:


whats the new weapon you guys working on


Maybe this year, my team want build VR (Virtual Reality) game with open world concept. Thats long journey


Good luck Tacticsoft @Sarah247 @Mohadib
Your team must work hard, dont lazy like me :rofl:


so then you lazy make a good weapon