Maximum score of a Raid


@Sarah247 alone and those same cheaters, ban them play in Raid

Last Raid


Hi all!
I just played todays Raid with two different mechs: 1460 HP and 2735 HP
Thanks to my SuperCharge Protector (+59 ele. resis.) I just got 1 HP damage from last mech. The others before were all perfect.
Score with 1459 HP: 6436
Score with 2734 HP: 6437

@Nagibator regarding your screenshot: I got 19,323 (now 19,324) points without cheating whatsoever… Just to be clear… :wink:


Lol don’t worry everybody trust you, we know that is a fair score and you have all the needed weapons and items to do it :wink: However, all the score above 19’325 are cheated unfortunatly :frowning:



You should post the pic of Projects mech. Lmao that’s just pathetic as hell (his mech + actions).


Pm this to sarah along with the mech pictures


@Sarah247 these people use cheats



How often you want “report” them :question:

I did once with every single detail, after the first cheated Raid result.

Guess what, nothing is done against, the once who do cheat the Raid, are laughing about you amd me here in Forum.

I agree with you, that is NOT correct, BUT tacticsoft do NOTHING against.

It is …

STEALING tokens from the honest playing people :exclamation:

Shame on the once who still do, after WE all can see it clear that this points (and with that the tokens) are cheated :exclamation:


So @Lannister can now also never claim again, that his Clan is cheater free :exclamation:

Little boy @Lannister, I tag you whenever I want, and I did special in this case, because of your very nice words :exclamation:



Actually,I agree.
Posting them over and over won’t do no good;we already know that they cheat!
PM Sarah instead,or any other dev.
I did and she replied to me fairly quick.


the players wait 10 or more minutes for a fight either 1v1 or 2v2 and this ladybug wants to ban the few remaining players, will he want to play alone? because I do not see the solid evidence that they are cheating, you tried it against me and it did not work for you, you do not have proof, if there are people who know how to cheat you, like a whistle without evidence, that’s what you know say


Well, some of those scores cannot be obtained in the normal way.
However the issue is if it is a bug, display error or cheating.

Still in case of a bug or display error etc. the players are supposed to report it to TacticSoft themselves as it is forbidden to exploit errors and bugs.

Yet again we do not know if those players reported it or not.

So I would go by this assumption:
They got a score higher than max score by bug or error.
Then they reported it.
So TS started working on correcting the error/bug,
And because they reported the errors themselves immediately TS would naturally not punish them as the players are not at fault for a bug/error occuring but only for exploiting it if they do not report it.

Hence no punishment would mean they reported it themselves.

P.S.: Yes, that is an incredible amount of “trust” in TS and the players’ righteousness but better having such trust than being always suspicious without end…
I do not want to become paranoid after all by suspecting conspiracies behind every turn and every corner.


You are absolutely right, it is exactly the way you should act, we can not go around denouncing players without knowing what really happened, I do not know if you do not know if it is an error or a cheat.


@Sarah247 are you able to fix the problem with cheaters?


what about the rest of the bunch?
the best i could do was this

4 dmg in total.


I got 2 damage in total -> 5088

That’s the best you can do I think…


Yes it’s the best that can be done with a total of 12’888. You always receive two hit, whatever you do…


yep, i guess that is the best, if you use a fully myth Savagery.
I didnt.


Got 12888 and was trying to figure out how some others got 13k.

Does “Premium” affect raid HPs? (I can’t watch a video for premium - it’s not an option for those of us with mechs on Kongregate.)


Premium HP doesn’t get added to your total in raids. Only HP plates equipped do.


points increase as the difficulty grows, pretty sure everybody figured that out. Don’t have a screenshot of this but I have gotten 7000 points on the 5th stage, and THAT is the day I realize that I had taken 100 damage. Don’t believe me go ahead because for all I care I know for a fact that is real as I saw it with MY OWN EYE SOCKETS.