Maximum score of a Raid


Give detail information, and another solution for developers. Dont use cheat for your benefit.


It’s a Brazilian phrase on his name, and you should be surprized because if i’m not wrong, he’s above max score.


You wrote:

I replied:

You replied to me then:

So I informed you that it is not linear:

It is not about a matter of minimum score but about the decrease in score being linear to the percentage of remaining HP that you claimed to have verified and that is not the case.

So your calculation

is wrong because you cannot calculate upwards to 100% HP with a linear equation.

Edit: I think the calculation of the score is at least a squared formular like:
Score = Perfect Score * (1 - %-damage^2)
Score = Perfect Score * (1 - (remaining HP / max HP)^2 )

And therefore as there is at least a square in the caculation a little more damage results in a large decrease in score.

Edit 2:
Btw. I finished with 2103 Hp of 2194 max HP (that is 95.852% HP or 4,148% damage) and I got a score of 7138.
With your 0.1283% for 65 score starting from 99,728 % HP for raid score 7418 points I should have gotten a far lower score:
99.728% - 95.852% = 3.876% --> 3.876% / 0.1283% = 30.21 --> 30.21 * 65 = 1964 points

–> So I should have gotten 1964 points less than Nagibator according to your calculations which means:
5454 points only.

So that proves, too, that there is no linear decrease of raid score compared to HP-percentage.


ill be totally fair , i didnt use a cheat for raid.

as for level resetting? i know how to do that

whenever i tell the developers that i know how to do it , they ask me how , but i want a reward .

Once i say that i want a reward , im not telling them how to do it until they wont give me something , i told them this 3 times , once i bring up the reward part , @Sarah247 shuts up , and doesnt pm me.

How greedy is that…


Good. Be a good player, please dont use cheat in this Raid


Best anti-cheats method ever, will work for sure :joy:


If developers use encryption for all variables. Cheaters will find another way to cheat again. Best solution is be a good player.




i forgot i had screen shot


Well this pretty much sums it up about those anti-cheat :slight_smile: :

End of story.


He is not able to admit that he did something wrong, it is like an illness from him, special if it is about his “math”, I proved him 2 times that he calculated wrong.

Either he rage after, or silence it :exclamation:



You are a pathological liar.

i told you that that is not a constant it is a variable. that is deductable.
You keep trying to use is as a constant, and that is the mystake you make.
What i proved with the calculation was that if the dmg was the constant, at the value of 6, then there is a corelation of it to the max hp, in terms of %.
What i have proved was that all those tha got the score above 26.639/26.640, got them without altering the max hp, but by reciving less then 6 dmg, be it 5,4,3,2,1,0, and that is the cheat of it,
Ps: the diference of max hp, having the constant of dmg at 6, it is best reflected between whitecrow and nagi. Nagi 2206, White 2404, they both recived 6 dmg, yet the score was diferent by 1 point.
So that is 99.728% Vs 99.75, the diference is 0.022 % for 1 point of score.
But let’s stick to the point of this topic.
The ones that got more then 26640, in my opinion recived less dmg then 6. Wich is imposible.


He proved you, that you have a thinking mistake (about your try to calculate it), I can tell you that @CloudedSunrise is right about, that you have a mistake in your calculatzion :exclamation:

Live with it :exclamation:



I did the math using the algorithm El_Metre used.
There’s no mistake in it.
And yeah,using that logic,scoring a score above 26640 is,in fact,impossible.


This is the most I have arrived!

But, with neither weapon I have managed to qualify in the last level. Although other players with unusable mech managed to position themselves first, it is SUPER UNJUST !!!

hixhix 14 lpmqtp I demand equality for everyone in the prize, or let it be fair!




Theoretically there is a way to receive only 1 damage.
So that would be the ultimate minimum damage.

I already mentioned it in another thread about the raids:
Theoretically if you start at distance 7 to the minion mechs in raid tier 6 and have a Valiant Sniper equipped that deals 142-147 energy damage then you can drain the minion mech’s energy so that it has enough for one teleport.

So here comes the “lucky” part.
The drone of the minion mech needs 6 energy in raid tier 6.
With draining 142-147 energy the minion mech will have 11-16 energy left.
So it will deploy the drone and IF you are lucky it will then use teleport needing 11 energy as the second move and land at distance 2 in front of you.
Therefore the remaining energy will only be 0-5 and hence not enough for the drone to fire.
As such you could pass the first round against the mech without damage.

If you then use for example a maxed myth Magma Blast + max myth Corrupt Light you will shut down the minion mech and with that you could finish the battle without damage.

Only against the boss will you not be able to avoid taking damage.
But with Maximum Protector equipped and starting from range 7 you can first use a heat weapon like Savagery to heat the boss up a bit.
Then wait for the boss to deploy its drone and use teleport to land 2 spaces away in front of you.
The drone will fire and thanks to maximum protector deal only 1 damage.

2nd round - same as with minion mechs - e.g. Magma Blast + Corrupt Light would force the boss into permanent shutdown.
So you would finish the raid with 1 damage only.

In case you have a repair drone you could even deploy it during the boss battle - maybe 2nd or 3rd round - and recover that 1 damage you received.


Raid was updated :ram::ram::ram:

I dont know, its better or worsen


Please explain me…
How did these guys get 4 different scores on the same tier of RAID?
While some are higher than the max score,actually…


If you see somebody with higher than possible score, screenshot it and pm it to sarah.
I did that when I noticed that one of them had a higher than possible, she replied back that they are taking care of it, and sure enough, next day, no more hacker