Maximum score of a Raid


you can .

kill every enemy ,except the boss.

pack phys rescistence with the repair , when ur at the boss , activate drone -> heal -> quit reapeat until full health.

ull still take SOME damage.


Nope, it is not linear.
If according to your calculation with 65 points of score for 0.1283% difference in hp to max hp ratio the score would be linear then you would receive a score of around 0 points while finishing the raid with less then 85%.

85% remaining hp = 15% damage
15% / 0.1283% = 116.9

So reduction with linear decrease as you claim it with 65 points of score for 0.1283% would be:
116.9 * -65 = -7598.5

So the score would result in 0 or at least close to it with only 85% remaining HP.
And that is not the case, is it?

At latest for anyone finishing with “only” 80% of max HP the score would then be 0.
And that is definitely not the case.


0.1283% = 99.728 % (second score of nagi) - 99.5997%(first score)
it is not a constant, it is a variable. that you determine

so in a case of 85% hp remaining… we would have to know the score.
And also i assume there is a minimum score treshold, that we need to know.
If we know these, then we can etermin the formula.


if it helps i finished the raid with 2398/2404 hp to get my score


so the diference of hp between you and nagi is 198.
And the score diference is of 1 between you and Nagi…
that is interesting.


i proofed the relation between max hp and hp lost last raid… just by repeating and putting more plates and always got more points


Just do not tell me that all these people in the first place not cheaters! I think I understand how they do it, simple as that…


Do you think if you start a fight with this amount of HP?


isnt that… a bit TOOO overkill of HP?



he was right all along

not my screenshot


Yeah you can see LeoShiward again


Its my opinion. Score 26,800 +, use trick or cheat. score 26,900 take damage only boss. Because a reason, player dont use trick for perfect score, he can get perfect score, but take 1 damage only boss. Because he won’t get perfect score. Its tricky and maybe smart

its only my opinion


Its classic tactic :sheep:


Im lazy to see cheaters :sheep::goat:


Developers must use encryption for all variables in this game


Where did you get that photo of the 989,898 / 989,898hp?


cheat engine + screen shot


Maybe Nagibator, he edit photo with photoshop or design program


Yeah you can see, who use cheat engine. LOL


i was about to say that lmfaoooo


@TechnoDive Hi Techno, Im a game developer, I know about this problem. I know, you can use cheat, but dont use that. If you got something wrong, you can email developers for fix that. Dont use cheat for your benefit :sheep: